Australia: Airlie Beach/Bruce Highway

Michael and I traveled to Australia as part of our 2007 career break. The following is an excerpt from our travel blog.

Well over a week into our trip and constantly on the move, we decided to stay put for an extra day in Airlie Beach after our boat trip to unwind and decompress.

Airlie Beach is the launching pad for the popular Whitsundays, so it also offers a great cross-section of travelers through Australia.  By walking along the coastal Esplanade or grabbing a beer in one of the many establishments, you encounter travelers from all different backgrounds.  There are certainly a large number of backpackers, making their way up and down the coast by bus or in one of the many campervans available for rental.  But you also have retirees and general vacationers who are on holiday for an extended time.

And that is the thing that still surprises Michael – that it is common for other people around the world to take three or four week vacations.  And another thing that surprises him is the lack of Americans we’ve encountered.  So far we’ve only met one American couple and they were recently retired.  So given the fact that it is somewhat unheard of for people from the States to take extended vacations, the lack of Americans isn’t that shocking.  I’ve rarely run into any during any of my extended travels.

Our break in Airlie was much needed, and even though there isn’t much to do but party or set sail, we still enjoyed relaxing along the water and taking in some of the live music in the parks.  And before we knew it, we would be in a car and on our way up the coast.

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