Australia: Kuranda

[singlepic=160,150,,,right]Michael and I traveled to Australia as part of our 2007 career break. The following is an excerpt from our travel blog.

Our drive up the coast to Kuranda was a long one, but it was the only way for us to make our way north in order to catch our flight out on Wednesday from Cairns to Ayers Rock.

Kuranda is a small mountain village in the rainforest about 30km outside of the tourist city of Cairns (another launching pad for the Great Barrier Reef).  To get there involves driving up a very steep and windy road – one in which the locals aren’t afraid to zoom around.

Last time I was here, we stayed with Pat and Lyle Greene for about a week.  Lyle is a cousin of my sister-in-law’s mother, and although they have been in Australia for decades, they still ooze southern hospitality.  Since my last visit, they have turned their rainforest retreat into a lovely bed and breakfast, so we decided to pay them a visit. (Kuranda Bed & Breakfast)

We only had one day in the area, so we set off in the morning – our first stop, the Village of Kuranda and all of its cute shops.  It didn’t take long to explore, we were then off to Port Douglas up the coastline for lunch along the water.  After a stroll along the beach, we set off for Mossman Gorge, a boulder-strewn river valley in the southern section of Daintree National Park.  Here we hiked through the rainforest before making our way back to Kuranda.

It was a short visit but lovely to catch up with Pat and Lyle before heading off to Ayers Rock and the Red Center.

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