Australia: Overview Video

Michael and I traveled to Australia as part of our 2007 career break. The following is a video overview of our experience.

Text Version: Our first destination was Australia.  Approximately the same size as the United States, with only 7% of the population, most of the landscape is made up of arid desert. Not surprisingly, the majority of the residents live along the 22,000 miles of coastline where most tourists tend to flock as well.

With just three weeks we wanted to make the most of our time and experience as much diversity as possible – from cities and seas to sand dunes and deserts.

[singlepic=253,200,,,right]Starting in Sydney, we spent the initial few days recovering from our jetlag and exploring the city by foot and boat. Moving up the coast, we took in some whale watching in Hervey Bay before setting off for a 2-day tour of Fraser Island. As the worlds’ largest sand dune, Fraser Island’s rainforests and 75 mile coastline is best explored by 4-wheel drive.

Further North in Queensland, we set sail from Airlie Beach for the Whitsunday Islands. On this trip, we spent 3 days sailing, diving and snorkeling Australia’s most expansive reefs. As an added treat, we were able to encounter the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal.

[singlepic=192,200,,,left]Having our fill of the beautiful blue seas, we decided to head inland and explore the red desert. Ayers Rock, otherwise known as Uluru, is the spiritual center for the local Aborigines, and to be in its presence is truly magical. Just 30 miles to the west are the Olgas. Also known as Kata Tjuta, which means many heads, the enormity of the Olgas is not lost in this vast barren region.

Before we knew it, our time in Australia was coming to a close, but not before a little excitement in Melbourne. Having arrived just in time for the spring racing season we got to partake in a long-standing tradition – the Melbourne Cup.

With so much to offer, Australia definitely kept us on the move.

You can read more about our experience in individual Australia posts.

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