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[singlepic=1123,250,,,right]I was first introduced to Sherry’s blog, Ott’s World, while working at Cross-Cultural Solutions. As part of her journeys, Sherry was volunteering with CCS in India, and my colleague thought I would love her site because of her beautiful photography. And she was right. I was also extremely envious of her incredible adventures, which usually happens when I’m stuck in an office and not traveling myself.

Fortunately I was in the middle of planning the career break Michael and I would be taking. During our trip, we kept a blog as well (called appropriately Briefcase to Backpack) and received envious feedback from friends and family. So much so that we felt like we needed to do more with the name and concept.

Immediately upon our return we thought about ways that we could capitalize on our experience and name. And then I remembered Otts World and logged on. Appropriately, Sherry had just returned home as well and wrote a touching reflection post on her experience and her “game-plan” for handling her re-entry (including a contract to herself). I knew I needed to get in touch with her.

As luck would have it, she wanted to pursue a way to reach out to others and inspire them to take a career break – thus this new version of Briefcase to Backpack was born.
So immediately I began reading every single post she wrote during her 16 months. And it was addicting. I was drawn in easily and found every post insightful and touching and her openness so refreshing. As essentially a stranger, I felt welcomed into her world and felt personally invited. Even now as I re-read her past entries for this site, I am inspired to pack my bags and hit the road immediately – even during her most trying times.

And now that Sherry has followed many items in her contract (I will take the ESL certification course and go out in the world and teach – I will not stay in the US for more than 6 months, even if it means that I give up my apartment – I will live abroad) her blog is still constantly being updated with amazing expat adventures. She even makes the struggles of adapting to living abroad and starting a new career seem attractive.

Many of Sherry’s experiences are highlighted in this site. But you should definitely take the time to explore the world of “Ott” yourself.

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