We’re in the process of writing entries for Greece. In the meantime, check out Sherry’s posts from Otts World:

[singlepic=1258,200,,,right]Greece – Ego Boost
I arrived in Europe with a short layover in Dubai. I was exhausted since I haven’t really experienced jet lag since October! Arrival in Greece also exposed me to something I hadn’t experienced for a long time – there was no arrival card to fill out.  At first I thought maybe I had too much wine on the plane and some how I missed the flight attendants passing them out, but as I looked around I noticed that no one else had one either. Strange – no visa, no arrival card – I felt cheated! I have spent the last 7 months memorizing every bit of data on my passport – I now consider it a special skill that I could put on my resume!  Read More

[singlepic=1259,200,,,left]Mykonos Interview – Tass
I spent a lovely afternoon with Tass, the caretaker of the guest house I was staying at in Mykonos. I moved to this cheaper guesthouse when Miles left me and I was staying on my own. It was just about 5 minutes outside of town up a big hill called Adriani’s Guest House. It was laid back and extremely well kept. I loved it immediately – plus it had wireless internet!
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