South Africa

We’re in the process of writing more entries for South Africa. In the meantime, check out Sherry’s posts from Otts World:

[singlepic=1240,200,,,right]Cape Town
Arriving in South Africa was stunning – I felt like I had been ship wrecked for a month and all of a sudden I was dropped back into modern society. The 3rd world to 1st world switch was abrupt and I felt a sense of relief to see normal roads, ATM’s, fast food places and malls – but at the same time I felt sad to be leaving the ’simple’ life. Every day in Eastern Africa put my brain synapses in overdrive – I was redlining with thoughts on what I was seeing every day. On the other hand – the thought of a country with uninterrupted electricity was sounding pretty good to me! Read More 

[singlepic=1241,200,,,left]Let the Wine Flow and the Wind Blow
I had an amazing day today – the kind of day I love – full of spontaneity. I woke up with no plans, I laid in bed wondering what I was going to do. I decided to tackle breakfast and then figure it out. I went to the main area in the hostel to get my yogurt and muesli. When I got there on of my new friends, Sara from Toronto, was leaving me a note saying that her and 4 other people were going on a wine tour today and I should join them. Hmmm – booze chat at 8 AM – I liked the thought! Read More

[singlepic=1242,200,,,right]The Garden Route – My Path to Happiness
No zucchini or corn – but lots of rain on this Garden Route. I decided I should explore life outside of Cape Town so I made plans to take the Baz Bus across the Garden Route. I probably need to define a few thing from that last sentence. The Baz Bus is a ‘backpacker bus’ transporting backpackers (like me) around to popular destinations picking you up and dropping you off at various hostels. It was cheaper than renting a car so I figured I would try it out!  
Read More 

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