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One of our favorite career breakers, Barbara Weibel, recently wrote a nice post about Briefcase to Backpack. And we didn’t even ask her to!

[singlepic=1435,175,,,left]I’ve added a new blog to my list of favorites –

Now, you might think that I’ve chosen it because the authors, Michaela Potter and Sherry Ott, recently published a feature article about me. And indeed, my initial introduction to BriefcaseToBackpack occurred when Michaela contacted me about an interview. But from the moment I began surfing around it, I was hooked.

One of the reasons we love Barbara’s blog, Hole in the Donut, so much is because her philosophy is right in line with ours. She writes:

In my opinion, Michaela and Sherry are definitely on the right track. Not only did my six-month around-the-world trip allow me to realize a lifetime dream, it pointed me toward my true purpose in life. If career breaks were an accepted part of the American cultural landscape – as they are in Europe and Australia – I believe everyone would benefit. Travelers would return from their journeys full of vigor and fresh, creative ideas. Corporate America would reap the benefits of this new paradigm. I wish Michaela and Sherry the best of luck in their efforts to bring about this change in our cultural mentality. I will definitely be following their progress.

Read more of the article at Hole in the Donut

And learn some great travel tips and safety advice that Barbara shared with us.

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