Favorite Website: Indie Travel Podcast

[singlepic=1468,150,,,right]Since the moment I started prepping for my career break in 2006, I started listening to the Indie Travel Podcast (ITP). At the time, they were only one of two travel podcasts out there covering long-term travel around the globe. Now, the market has exploded, however I still always stay true to Craig and Linda of ITP.

Through iTunes they provide easy to download 20 min. podcasts about how to pack, how to stay in a hostel, what to do when you miss a flight, the 15 essential items you need in your bag, how to buy insurance, and a million other travel topics. And you can find three years of archived travel tips, city guides, interviews, and even videos on their website.


I found them to be a great place to get information on how to do more ‘backpacking’ budget style travel; something I wasn’t used to doing before my career break. I needed a little hand holding in that department and they delivered.

They started solely as a podcast and have now expanded their site to include videos and travel writing. In addition, they often run a number of contests for iTunes certificates and travel items. I was even the lucky winner of Global Bag Tags (a simple system for tagging your bags and linking them to a global database).

[singlepic=1470,150,,,left]Craig and Linda are from New Zealand and have turned their travel passion into a business. They were recently awarded the Best Travel Podcast by Lonely Planet – a huge honor by a respected leader in the industry. Their laid-back ‘kiwi’ style is soothing and super informative.

I invite you to go subscribe to their podcast in iTunes or listen on their site.

You won’t regret it!

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