Briefcase to Backpack Podcast

We recently contributed a podcast to Indie Travel Podcast, exploring the great travel cultural divide: adult gap years/career breaks/sabbaticals and how they differ between Americans and the rest of the world.


Sherry Ott and I talk about the traveling career break, including:

  • Why is there such a large cultural divide between how Americans, Brits, Canadians, and Australians look at travel, and
  • the number of social hurdles you face if you do consider taking a traveling career break.

We also feature an interview with Barbara Weibel of Hole in The Donut, an American who took a six-month career break and traveled the world. She also provides some travel tips and inspiration for those considering taking a traveling career break.

So tune in at Indie Travel Podcast where you can listen online, download, or access it through iTunes.

Career Break Guide Table of Contents

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