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[singlepic=1471,300,,,right]We recently contributed an article to BootsnAll Travel highlighting the “Top 10 Reasons to Take a Career Break…and Travel”.

Some highlights include:

2. View Your Screensavers in Real Life
Do you feel like your cubicle walls are shrinking in around you? Has carpel tunnel set in to your thumbs from too much Blackberry-ing? Do you find your eyesight decreasing from staring at your computer screen too long? Sounds like a great time to take a break longer than a cup of coffee!
Think about all those times you’ve come back from another long meeting and found yourself mesmerized by the serene images coming across your screen. Now think about how much more mesmerizing those cascading waterfalls, coastal sunsets, and sky-scraping mountains could be in person.

5. You can’t unplug from your job?
Does your Blackberry make you available 24/7? You no longer know the difference between your home and your office as they have morphed together? Is the line dividing work and play non-existent? Then go to a destination where there are no plugs.

9. Cure your Hurry Sickness and Return to Simplicity
Many Americans are plagued by ‘Hurry Sickness’. The more we speed up, the less we can slow down. Not only do we multi-task at work but we multi-task our leisure time as well – watching TV and surfing the web, or working out on the elliptical and reading a magazine. We are no longer capable of simply doing one thing and being happy about it.

To read the complete list of “Top 10 Reasons to Take a Career Break…and Travel”, visit BootsnAll. And be sure to pass it on if you like it!

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