Life on the Road: Two Backpackers

[singlepic=1577,300,,,right]It has been three months since the three couples from our Career Breaker Round-Up have hit the road, so we thought it would be fun to check in and see how they have been adjusting to life on the road! The fun part is that all three took off in completely different directions, so they’ll have very different cultural experiences to share as well.

We’re checking in first with Jason and Aracely of Two Backpackers, who started their travels in Central America. So far they have experienced Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

What has been the most difficult thing to adjust to on the road?

JC: The constant get up and go, packing and unpacking. I can easily adjust to a new location, but right when I do, we have to get back on the road again. Constantly traveling does take a toll on the body and mind, and some days you just need to rest and recuperate.

AS: I don’t think I did a good job at picking the right clothes to bring. I have 3 hiking shorts that I never wear. I should have kept it to one hiking shorts and more casual clothes. We have done quite a few hikes but we are in towns most of the time. And I just wish I had a different selection of clothes. Such a girl answer, I know.

Are there any thoughts of what you left behind that keeps you up at night?

JC: Nothing keeps me up at night because I know I am not traveling forever. Other travelers that I have communicated with describe their homecoming as if they never left. I also believe that not much will have changed in a year’s time, except for my two young nephews that are growing up as I type.

AS: I have a teenage brother that I worry about. He’s at a difficult age, I worry about him often.

What has been the easiest thing to adjust to?

AS: Well I’m originally from Ecuador and I’ve spent most of my life in the US, so I really enjoying hearing Spanish 100% of the time and eating Latin food everyday. I have a feeling the language part will be the most difficult when we get to Southeast Asia.

What has surprised you the most?

JC: Making new friends on the road. Most backpackers look to the Lonely Planet guide for traveling tips, so it’s no wonder that many backpackers all end up in the same places. This allows us the opportunity to constantly meet new friends from around the world. Today’s method of staying in touch seems to be through Facebook, so make sure you have an account before departing. We have also surprisingly ran into the same travelers a month later in different countries.

Tell us some highlights from your trip so far.

The cascading pools of Semuc Champey and active Volcano Pacaya in Guatemala.

Experiencing El Salvador. I know people have a vision that it is a dangerous place to travel, but we saw it differently. We did stay away from the big cities, but traveling in local buses I felt completely safe and the towns we visited were tranquil, friendly and beautiful.

The El Hoyo campsite during our 2-day trek in Nicaragua.  We camped in a lush volcano crater with views of other volcanoes, lakes and cattle grazing all around us.

Website: TwoBackpackers
Twitter: @twobackpackers

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  2. Andi on Wed, 18th Nov 2009 2:57 pm 

    I loooooove Central America! It sounds like a journey of a lifetime. Enjoy!!!

  3. Jason of TwoBackpackers on Wed, 18th Nov 2009 11:52 pm 

    Thanks for sharing our travel stories Michaela! We have visited 5 countries now, add Panama since this post, and Guatemala is still our favorite! We are now preparing psychologically for a 5-day sailing trip from Panama to Costa Rica over Thanksgiving weekend. Aracely gets sea sick and this boat is only 50ft long. We are a little concerned, but hoping for great weather and calm seas. Wish us luck!

  4. Jason of TwoBackpackers on Sun, 22nd Nov 2009 4:27 pm 

    Oops, I mean our sailing trip from Panama to Colombia!

  5. Sherry Ott on Mon, 23rd Nov 2009 5:37 am 

    Sounds like you two are doing fabulous – despite your clothing options! The great thing about packing the wrong clothing is that it’s pretty simple to buy things along the way…cheaply! I’ve left many items of clothing in different places around the world swapping them out with more important things I needed. My rule used to be – one new thing in my suitcase, one old thing out.
    Keep enjoying the adventure! S. America sounds super!

  6. Michaela Potter on Mon, 23rd Nov 2009 10:21 pm 

    Jason – Thanks for taking the time out of your fun travels to share your stories with us! We look forward to your continued adventures into South America – especially Colombia!

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