Reflection: Setting Goals for 2010 Part 3

The end of the year always inspires reflection. But it also offers an opportunity to set goals for the future. We’ve already featured some of our favorite travelers and career breakers travel and career goals for the upcoming year, so now it’s our turn to share!

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I’m embarrassed to admit that my passport has collected a fair amount of dust and not enough stamps over the past couple of years. After returning from my career break travels with Michael at the end of 2007, the only other overseas trip for me was volunteering on an educational production to South Africa in February of 2008. And I haven’t stepped foot out of the country since then.

To be fair, life “got in the way”. During 2008 Michael and I focused on new careers, buying an apartment, planning a wedding, and building Briefcase to Backpack. And in early 2009 we launched the site and I have spent a great deal of the year focused on inspiring others to travel abroad. But “life” also brought up many weddings and family vacations – most of which involved domestic travel. So I did get to travel to Florida, Washington State, California, Las Vegas, and the Jersey Shore.

So in 2010 I resolve to dust off my passport and travel to at least one new country. And chances are looking pretty good so far! We have a trip to Italy planned with Michael’s family (which I’ve been to twice) and plan to add on Croatia afterwards.

Career-wise, I want to continue building Briefcase to Backpack and we have set several goals for ourselves, including:

  • Building site traffic
  • Marketing more to the career community (including to people who don’t even know they may need a career break)
  • Attract sponsors to help bring in some income
  • and get more American’s talking about and searching for career breaks and sabbaticals!

And with my design work, I’d like to refocus on an idea I had to create a line of Destination Wedding Save the Dates, similar to what I created for my own wedding.

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I’m finding it challenging to form resolutions when I don’t have any plan nor a place to live!  But here goes…Travel:  I have my eye on South America (specifically Bolivia) or potentially Eastern Europe.  I’d like to find a place that I could do some volunteer work for a month or two and then travel around the area if possible.  My travel plans are always based on feel – they typically evolve with my mood and a glass of wine.  In addition, I’ve been known to travel to places just based on a photo I saw (which is how I ended up in Fez Morocco a few years back).  So, we’ll see what calls me; suffice it to say that I’ll know it when I see it – and it will be off the beaten path for sure!  As for an actual resolution – pack less.

Work:  My resolution for work is to stop worrying about it!  In 2010 I want to focus on my websites which means making them better so that more people will read them.  I’d also like to make a resolution to submit an article a month to a magazine or website (that actually pays money for stories!) to try to increase my travel writing portfolio.  Finally, I have a resolution to put Briefcase to Backpack and the concept of career breaks into American’s vocabulary!  I want to start a revolution!  Don’t you want to be a part of it too?!

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