Peru Needs Our Help

[singlepic=1681,250,,,right]With the devastating earthquake that recently hit Haiti, a great deal of attention and fundraising for recovery efforts has been placed there. However, there is another natural disaster that is affecting thousands of families. Heavy rains and extreme flooding have devastated many parts of Peru. In 2006, I had the opportunity to volunteer with Peru’s Challenge, an organization that works very closely with these communities.

Below is a recent email I received from Peru’s Challenge asking for urgent help. Whether you’ve already visited Peru or have it on your “bucket list”, I ask that you take a moment and see if you are willing to help the people of these communities.

[singlepic=1686,250,,,left]The people of Peru need your help.

If you’ve seen the news, you know that heavy rains and flooding have devastated Peru in the past few weeks. But while much of the international news coverage has focused on the closure of Machu Picchu, behind the scenes thousands of local Peruvians have lost their homes, and millions of acres of crops have been destroyed.

The communities that Peru’s Challenge works with have been hard hit too. Of the four communities in which we currently work, three are experiencing severe damage. Last week rain washed away an important access bridge between Pumamarca and Quilla Huata. Only 10 of more than 200 houses in Quilla Huata have been spared from flash flooding which has destroyed house foundations, meaning most will crumble and have to be rebuilt from scratch. I’ve just received word that flooding has claimed the whole school we built in the Huandar community in the Sacred Valley and all their cropping areas – their only livelihood. Keep in mind that now, in the standard rainy season (from November to March), is usually peak produce time for agricultural areas so all has been lost and cannot be recuperated until the rains fall again in late November this year.

[singlepic=1687,250,,,right]In communities where the average annual wage is equivalent to the price of a new pair of running shoes, the word ‘crippling’ does not begin to describe the impact of this damage. There’s no quick fix…it will take years of coordinated effort to help many of the affected communities recover and begin to thrive.

Peru’s Challenge has been working in Peru since 2003 on exactly the kind of long-term development projects needed to help local communities move forward from this crisis. Your past interest and support have allowed us to develop the local knowledge and relationships needed to be a key leader in the recovery effort for the long-term not just while the media and local Government have interest in the crisis.

[singlepic=1688,250,,,left]Our plan is to work with local community members and doctors right now to provide medical assistance, tents, clothes and food. Then from March/April, when the rains have stopped and everyone else has lost interest and support from the Government dwindles, Peru’s Challenge will start work on the reconstruction of houses, schools, community buildings and infrastructure, safe water supply and agricultural areas.

Right now, Peru’s Challenge simply doesn’t have the financial resources to respond and put our plans in place.

Can you help Peru’s Challenge take action? Whether it’s rebuilding a family’s home, providing temporary food support for starving children, or providing educational support to local communities, your financial support has never been more needed…and there’s never been a better time to make a real difference for the Peruvian people and communities affected by recent events.

Fortunately, it takes so little to make a difference. Your gift of $20, $50, or $100 goes so much further in Peru than it does at home. Any donation you give will have a tremendous impact.

To make your gift, please follow the steps below. It only takes a minute to do, but your gift will – without any exaggeration – change lives forever.

1. Go to
2. Enter donation amount next to ‘Peru’s Challenge’ under ‘Option 1’
3. Fill in the details below ‘Make a Donation’ and then click ‘DONATE’
4. Enter payment details
5. A receipt will be emailed to you on completion
6. Please forward this receipt on to so we can track your donation and email you monthly update reports on our progress including photos.

Thank you so much for your support of Peru’s Challenge, and for helping to create stable, long-term development solutions for Peru’s poorest communities.

Yours sincerely,
Jane Gavel
President and Co-Founder
Peru’s Challenge

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2 Comments on "Peru Needs Our Help"

  1. Andi on Thu, 11th Feb 2010 5:57 pm 

    So great of you to shed light on this! Peru is definitely getting overlooked… I was just there 1 year ago–crazy to think I could have been there when it happened.

  2. Michaela Potter on Thu, 11th Feb 2010 7:03 pm 

    Hi Andi! It is sad the many tragedies happening in the world right now, but hopefully those who have been touched by the magic of Peru (or hope to be someday) will keep the people there in their hearts and minds. There are many great organizations helping with the cause and Peru’s Challenge is just one of them.

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