Photo Friday: Pumamarca, Peru


For our first Photo Friday I choose a photo from my volunteer experience with Peru’s Challenge during my 2006 career break. With the extreme flooding that has been devastating vast regions of Peru, I am reminded of how much that experience and the people of Peru touched me. As part of my volunteering, I photographed the children of Pumamarca for a fundraising calendar. In order to capture them most naturally (without hamming it up for the camera), I used a long lens and shot away while they were distracted during playtime. This is just one of many that truly captured their spirit.

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4 Comments on "Photo Friday: Pumamarca, Peru"

  1. Andi on Fri, 5th Mar 2010 12:17 pm 

    This is such a touching photo!!! My thoughts are with Peruvians.

  2. Cindy Peterson on Mon, 8th Mar 2010 5:49 pm 

    I recognize these little faces, it brings back wonderful memories, thanks for posting!

  3. Lia on Tue, 9th Mar 2010 2:29 pm 

    Great photo! I love the smiles, and it really captured the energy of the kids well.

  4. Michaela Potter on Tue, 9th Mar 2010 11:49 pm 

    Thank you so much for the compliments, though it was truly the energy of the children that made this photo. Cindy – I’m so happy that you could also experience the magic of the people of Pumamarca!

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