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[singlepic=1720,250,,,right]Betsy & Warren Talbot shared with us the secrets of how they saved money for their career break travels. But how do you stay on track with the trip budget you planned for?

During their 10 months of travel, Laurie and Bryan Tighe traveled through West Africa, the Middle East, India and Nepal. Along the way they were meticulous in keeping to their budget. And with their computer programming skills, they were able to develop an online calculator to keep track of their money and budget. And now they are sharing that with others with Budget Your Trip.

[singlepic=1719,200,,,left]Budget Your Trip is designed to help travelers track their spending and expenses. After registering you can create a trip and enter your daily expenses. The website creates charts and tables that break down costs by category and location. The layout lets you find out if you’re spending more than anticipated on transportation or which country ate away more of your budget.

Furthermore, the website’s budget calculator allows users to estimate the cost of future trips. The budgets provided by other travelers are used to determine the average cost of countries, cities, and categories a traveler might visit. Visitors to the site can search for the average daily costs of accommodation, food, and numerous other categories for cities and countries around the world.

[singlepic=1722,200,,,right]Budget Your Trip also offers a “Travel Cost Calculator Widget” so travelers can search for travel costs directly on your website.

Be sure to check out Budget Your Trip for future trips. And if you have budgets from previous trips, be sure to enter them and help out your fellow travelers!

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4 Comments on "Travel Tips: Budget Your Trip"

  1. Andi on Wed, 10th Mar 2010 9:33 pm 

    Awesome link, thanks!

  2. We’re in the news! « Budget Your Trip on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 11:28 am 

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  3. Anil on Fri, 12th Mar 2010 8:08 am 

    This looks really cool – so it calculates the cost of future trips based on your past spending habits?

  4. Laurie on Wed, 17th Mar 2010 9:34 pm 

    Hi Anil,
    Actually, the website lets your track you spending while you travel. It also aggregates the budgets of other travelers so you can search for costs by city, country, and budget type.

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