Photo Friday: Salinas Grandes, Argentina

Salinas Grandes

This Photo Friday in Salinas Grandes, Argentina is from Jen & Ryan Fuller, of Consulting Rehab. In “Beware Responsible People – Embrace the Crazy” Jen & Ryan gave advice on how to deal with people who think you are crazy for wanting to take a career break.

They spent their own career break living and traveling around Argentina and Chile for six months. During their travels they explored the northwest portion of Argentina where this photo was taken.

We’d read that the massive salt flats were not to be missed and also that they were best viewed toward the end of the day, after all the tour buses have left. So we cut short an intense game of chess in a café in Purmamarca and hit the road. And not just any road. It’s a 1-hour series of switchbacks straight up the side of the mountain to 12,000-ish feet. With tour buses and big trucks barreling down at us.

After this lovely drive, we made it to the salt flats just as the sun was going down. Here’s our take on the famous Salinas Grandes: big, wide open space that’s white and crackly-looking.

What daring escapades have you endured to capture an image?

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