Finding Inspiration with Career Break Secrets

You’ve made the decision to take a career break and want to travel the world – but how do you choose where to go, and more importantly, what to do?

Unless you want to visit US water parks or gorge yourself through your travels, forget about turning to the Travel Channel for inspiration.

Enter Career Break Secrets video guides – an inspiring resource to places and activities you want to know more about for your often-dreamed-about career break, sabbatical, or adult gap year. Jeff Jung was inspired to create Career Break Secrets after leaving his corporate job, packing up, selling off his stuff, and heading out to travel the world.

“On my career break, I learned to speak Spanish fluently, learned how to ski for the first time, woke up to the sunrise and sipped wine while watching the sun set in the Galapagos Islands.”

Episodes cover one of three types of popular career break activities:

  • – Ways to pick up a new skill like learning a foreign language, sailing or cooking
  • – Ways to give back and volunteer whether for social or conservation causes
  • – Cool ways to see the country by bike, boat, foot, train or other things we can find

“I first looked at popular places where career breakers tended to go on their trips, or where they aspired to go. I then factored in my own experience in these countries.

We know that career breakers like to engage in three types of activities to make their time count: volunteering, learning something new and seeing the countries in cool ways. So, once I decided on a country, I then looked for activities that fit those categories. For example, we have a cooking class in Spain and a sailing class in New Zealand. We highlight the Camino de Santiago in Spain and a unique ferry ride in Chile. And, we highlight volunteering programs in South Africa and Patagonia.

Most of these were things that I looked for on my own journey. Or, they were things I saw other career breakers and long-term travelers do. Also, before launching Career Break Secrets, I interviewed 45 career breakers from around the world. These were the 3 common categories that kept coming up in my discussions with them. These were the ways that they made their time count on their career break.”

The first season covers South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Patagonia and Colombia. But no matter where the destination or the activity covered, you will bound to be inspired by the quality of the videos and the opportunities that await you.

You can purchase a season pass and receive all 18 episodes in Season One, or purchase a country pass to receive the 4 episodes that highlight activities in one of the countries featured in Season One.

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