2010 Event Attendees Who Said “Go!”

Eight months after our Inaugural Meet, Plan, Go! event, we never get tired of hearing stories from those who attended and decided that they would Go! Here are a few that have been on the road and hopefully you will find some inspiration from them as well.

Julie – Boston Event

Julie - Boston Attendee5 Weeks on the Road
Life Without Excuses

After attending Meet, Plan, Go! in September, Julie took a short-term leave of absence from work (as did her husband) and spent the month of January in Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore). “Going to the event in Boston was like finally admitting that ‘My name is Julie and I am a travelling addict’.”

Both Julie and Drew documented the planning stages and life on the road in their “Asian Adventure 2011” section of their blog.

Pablo – San Francisco Event

One Year on the Road

“I was very excited to know there are people organizing this type of meeting and giving a human-touch reality to the blogs and travel sites I followed for years. The biggest impact I got was to realize that I am not the only one taking a career break. Now I’ve been traveling for 3 months and I am as happy as I can be – this is my dream slowly becoming reality day by day.”

As Pablo is originally from Argentina, his blog is in Spanish [with English translation], and he has gained a big Latin readership. “I can’t believe how many people contacted me saying they needed the inspiration to know that a Latino can quit his job to travel the world.” So happy that he is inspiring others as well!

Katy – Chicago Event

Katy - Chicago EventSix months on the Road
Katy’s King-Size Adventure

“There is so much in the world that is just sitting there waiting to be explored! The Meet, Plan, Go! event helped me to see that there’s no better time than NOW to start! I was amazed at all the people that have already done this and it was so helpful to see that this idea I had to leave my job and travel was not a crazy idea!”

Katy’s Adventures started in North America (Canada, NYC, Boston, LA) before heading to Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Europe. “The decision that I made to leave my job was a hard one, but it was also the best decision that I’ve ever made. I’m having a blast and am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do this!”

Sarah – Washington DC Event

One Year Teaching English in Chiang Mai

Sarah applied for a teaching position at a University in Chiang Mai just days before attending Meet, Plan, Go! “I was then offered the position and had only three weeks to pack up my life and gather enough money for a plane ticket. Three yard sales later, with my car sold and my life reduced to a few tupper ware containers I was on my way to Thailand.”

In addition to teaching English, Sarah has been studying Thai, hiking the foothills of the Himalayas and biking the quiet sois of Northern Thailand every chance she gets.

Did a Meet, Plan, Go! event inspire you to start planning your own career break travels? Be sure to register it with us!

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