Photo Friday: Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

One of the best things about taking a break and traveling the world is the exposure to different cultures and religions you encounter. While traveling through Sri Lanka by train for a month Sherry was able to see the ancient temples, stupas, and climb mountains to see shrines.

However the ancient city of Polonnaruwa housed some of the biggest and most intact religious ruins around the country. This stone carved Buddha was one of many which were standing the test of time. For those of you interested in visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites on your career break of sabbatical, then put Sri Lanka on your list; you’ll find 8 World Heritage sites on this relatively small island.

Interested in learning more about Sri Lanka, then visit Ottsworld where Sherry is covering her Sri Lanka Travels.

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  1. Sophie on Tue, 17th May 2011 12:03 pm 

    That looks very enlightening, nice shot!

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