2010 Event Attendees Who Said “Go!” – Part 3

In the months after our Inaugural Meet, Plan, Go! event, we never get tired of hearing stories from those who attended and decided that they would Go! Here are a few more that have been on the road, or will be hitting the road soon. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from them as well.

Liz Behler – Washington DC Event

One Year Around the World
The Travel Beast

Liz and Derek Poe are currently about four months into our year-long break. “So far we’ve seen Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, the Canary Islands, Morocco, Spain and are now in France. In a month we’re heading to Ireland, and then making our way to Asia where we plan to visit Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia before heading to Australia and New Zealand. It truly will be an around-the-world trip!

“Some of our adventures so far have included riding horses with gauchos in Argentina, traveling by camel through the Sahara, spending a week in the rainforest in Brazil, and hiking through mountainous vineyards in Italy’s Cinque Terre. We’re planning to WWOOF on a farm in Ireland for about a month before heading to Thailand where we’ll soak up some sun and $5 beach-side massages. We’re also planning to attend a Mahout training while there and partake of some cooking classes (yum!). In Indonesia, we’d like to work with a woman we know on her farm project that benefits disenfranchised women and their children in East Bali. In Australia, we’re planning to get work visas to help recoup some of our costs and pay for a plane ticket home.

“Without a doubt, I can say this trip has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Ever. I was so nervous to leave behind my job — something I had worked so hard for and that had consumed every waking, and sometimes non-waking, moment of my life. But four months into our trip, I can honestly say I feel happier, healthier, and perhaps most of all, stronger than I have in years.”

Ali Garland – Atlanta Event

Four Month Adventure
Ali Adventures

Ali has her sights set on Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Easter Island for her adventure.

“I just turned 31 and taking a long-term trip is something I’ve wanted to do for years. I finally started trying to make it a reality in the middle of 2010. Shortly after the research phase started, I met another travel blogger (@groundedtravelr) through Twitter and we fell in love over Skype, Twitter and email. I let him know that this trip was important to me, and he’s been very supportive even though he won’t be able to join me.

“We got married at the beginning of June, I’m moving to Germany (where he lives) at the beginning of July, and I’m going to travel from the end of September 2011 to the middle of February 2012 before going back to Germany to continue learning German and eventually finding a job there.”

Erica & Shaun Kuschel – Austin Event

Childhood Sweethearts Traveling the World Together
Over Yonderlust

Erica & Shaun’s adventure started four months ago in Mexico and are making their way south through Central & South America.

“We were best friends who fell in love and were quick to realize that there was nobody else in the world that we’d rather grow old with. Before we had gotten married, neither one of us had a passport. Our only experiences outside of the U.S. consisted of walking into Mexico for the afternoon. Our desire to see the world had always been present, however, it was not truly realized until the promise of going to Barbados for our honeymoon was fulfilled. It was then that the wanderlust took over.”

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