Photo Friday: Mongol Rally

We hope that dust washes off before our October event!

This edition of Photo Friday comes from the dusty roads of the Mongol Rally.

Our very own Sherry Ott is on a career break this summer, driving 10,000 miles from London to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. “Crossing 10,000 miles over unforgiving deserts, perilous mountain ranges and non-existent roads, we four intrepid travelers will face the possiblity of bandits, breakdowns and corruption while navigating our way through 15 countries and 2 continents.”

“The Mongol Rally isn’t just for us crazy travelers trying to top their latest adventure. During the course of our journey, we will raise money for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, a charity helps homeless and abandoned children of Mongolia. Not only that, we will donate our automobile to Adventures for Development at the end of the rally. They will then decide where it will best be utilized in the country.”

Let’s hope the car, Sherry and her team make it there! You can follow the remaining weeks of their road trip on The Social Media Syndicate and through the Twitter hashtag #mongolsms.

The car and teammates pre-dust covered roads

Promoting career breaks even in the desert

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