Photo Friday: Sick of Your Job?

Special Video Edition

It’s Monday morning… Your commute sucks… You’re sick of your job… Wouldn’t you like to escape? This past Monday morning we tempted a few New Yorkers with the idea of a career break.

Joining Michaela & Sherry on the busy NYC commuting streets were Charlie Grosso & Riegan Sage – two women who have broken out of the expected path and have followed their own dreams.

As Charlie noticed, “Only two people out of the hundreds that walked by said they liked their jobs. One woman said, ‘Oh I should take one for my friend, well maybe one for me too…Maybe I should take some for the whole office.’”

As I stood there I couldn’t help but notice the look of misery on the faces of the commuters who were on their way to work. Interestingly, the people who looked the most miserable were the ones who avoided looking at the signs, the flyers and us. We stood there with flyers in our hands, an offering of something different than their routine and those who looked like they could use it the most avoided it all together.”

If you are looking for an escape, come out and be inspired on October 18th at a Meet, Plan, Go! event.

And if you are looking for an escape in NYC, check out Baang + Burne Contemporary – the unconventional art gallery that Charlie runs “like an indie rock band”.

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