Giving Thanks 2011

We have countless reasons to be thankful this year here at Meet, Plan, Go! We continue to see more and more people both using the term career break, and more importantly, taking a career break. And we love seeing how our community continues to grow.

Of course, we couldn’t do it alone. From those who have helped us inspire online and in person, we’d like to take the time to say a big thanks.

Guest Posts

Hopefully you have been inspired by the stories of career breakers past, present and future thanks to:
Adam Seper, Rainer Jenss, Paul & Christine Milton, Mehdy Ghannad, Jannell Howell, Warren & Betsy Talbot, Jen & Ryan Fuller, Kailey Lockhart, Aracely & Jason Castellani, Matt Goudreau, Alexis Grant, Abby Tegnelia, Coley Hudgins, Rich Yang, Katie Aune, Lisa Lubin, Adam Pervez, Jenny Sundel, Manali & Terry Bettendorf, Kim Dinan, Delphine Foo-Matkin, Sarah Gottlieb, JoAnna Haugen, Sarah Lavender Smith, Sarah Reijonen, Val Bromann, Lisa Niver Rajna, Mike & Catrell Cooney, Lisa Dazols, Kristin Zibell, Kirk Horsted, Janice Waugh, Cate Starmer, Aly Kilday, Jane Stanfield, Robin Botto, Aaron Starmer, Becky Hayes, Jim & Rhonda Delameter.

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Photo Friday

We’ve shared some awe-inspiring photos this year thanks to: Jeff Jung, Adam Seper, Jen & Ryan Fuller, Chris Gray Faust, Angela & Jason Rehm, Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom, Sonia Virtue, Warren & Betsy Talbot, Dena Hughes, Sunni Farley, Renee Deguara, Matt Judd, Casey Engels, Rhonda Delameter, Sage Russell, Juergen Klein, Robin Dean Devaux.

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2011 Event Hosts

Why did our 2011 event kick-ass? Because of our kick-ass hosts: Jeff Jung, Lillie Marshall, Lisa Lubin, Jane Stanfield, Yen Phan, JoAnna Haugen, Lisa Niver Rajna, Kirk Horsted, Aly Kilday, Rainer Jenss, Mike & Catrell Cooney, Olivia Raymer, Sean Keener, BootsnAll Team, Sarah Lavender Smith, Paul & Christine Milton, Adam Seper, Janice Waugh, Sonia Zamborsky.

2011 Event Panelists/Ambassadors

Our kick-ass hosts couldn’t have done such an amazing job without the support of their panelists & ambassadors: David Aycock, Caroline Boudreaux, Catherine Emery Hearn, Angela Petitt, Toby Tull, Tim & Robin Botto, Chris Christensen, Jessica McHugh, Tim McGregor, Brian Peters, Janet Riley, Maria Giurcan, James Galvic, Katie Aune, Katy Healy, Ryan & Laura Keller, Dave Nilson, Keith Savage, Stephanie Katsaros, Megan Kearney, Marsha Joseph, Alex & Elizabeth, Erin Guttenplan, Polly Letofsky, Jim & Wendy Pearson, Alonna Scott, Celia Taylor, Nora Lynch, Shaun Henderson, Czarina Lam, Diana Edelman, Cory Haugen, Judy Irving, Abby Tegnelia, Richard Bangs, Jen Leo, Doris Gallan, Jacob Frank, Sarah Gottlieb, Lisa Napoli, Michelle Page, Julie DuRose, Layne Kennedy, Kara McGuire, Leif Pettersen, Doug Mack, Deb Miner, Dan Woychick, Kirsten Alana, Benny Lewis, Kelly Lewis, Ryan Murphy, Jordan Franklin, Charlotte Piper, Rita Foley, Amanda Pressner, Lisa Sciambra, Charles Scott, Michael Bontempi, Marie Elena Martinez, Lisa Chavis, Cheryl McDonald, Shannon O’Donnell, Ben Reed, Jillian Tobias, Chris Guillebeau, Laura Crawford, Russ Roca, Kim Dinan, Warren & Betsy Talbot, Ryan Lile, Morgan Smith, Spencer Spellman, Kristin Zibell, Chris Gray Faust, Ryan and Jen Fuller, Scott Montgomerie, Kenna Ranson, Scott Hartbeck, Stephanie Sappington, Megan Seper, Dave and Deb of the PlanetD, Rick Storey, Mariellen Ward, Evelyn Hannon, Nancy Bearg, Alexis Grant, Coley Hudgins, Kimberly Palmer, Kinnari Patel.

2011 Event Sponsors

We are so grateful to the companies who believe in and support us in our career break movement: Intrepid Travel, Hostelling International, GoMio, Insure My Trip, SmartBox, Uncle Dan’s, International TEFL Academy, HI Chicago, iGo Car Sharing, Chicago Photography Classes, Massey Outfitters, Veracity Stew, Passport Health NY, Clothing Arts, Google Places, Abel’s on the Lake, Kendall College, Napa Wine Project, HI New York, Sports Basement, REI, Recessions Lounge.

We can’t wait to have many more of you involved with the Meet, Plan, Go! family next year.

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