2012 Career Breakers

As 2012 is inching closer, so are the departure dates for many career breakers. Here are a few that will be starting (and in some cases, continuing) their adventures in the new year.

Lisa Kelly www.whirledtraveling.com

I will be in SE Asia from January through May and then I am going to head to Australia and see where the wind takes me from there.  I am considering staying among the South Pacific islands or possibly working my way through South America.

Leora Novick www.anamericangirlintransit.com

I am planning on hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, sandboarding in southern Peru, hiking the Colca Canyon, celebrating the new year in Lima, dancing the night away in Buenos Aires, trekking in Patagonia, and countless other things that I hope to find along the way!

Traci Salisbury tracivolunteers4mercy.blogspot.com

Whatever comes at me, and moves my soul! I want to enroll in a language school first and foremost to learn Spanish. I then intend on using workaway.co.uk to find meaningful forms of work exchanges where I can work for barter. Finally I want to rent a flat in Buenos Aires and use that as a jumping off point for trekking in other areas within Argentina.

Lacey Laken www.365bitesaroundtheworld.com

I was a practicing corporate lawyer for four years in New York City. I decided to take a break, not because I disliked my job, but because I needed a change from routine and wanted to see the world before I felt that time had slipped away and I was at a point in my career or personal life that it might be more difficult to make the break. I love travel and when you work, there is never enough time to do it sufficiently. Now, even a year feels short.

Paul Nguyen

I have been dreaming and planning of taking one year off from work and live in Europe for one year. Most likely I will live in Spain because I love the culture, slow lifestyle and the sun. I have never done this before so it will be great to meet others that have done it.

Are you venturing off on a career break in 2012? If so, we’d love to follow along! Be sure to Register Your Break with us and share all the juicy details of your adventure.

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