Top Career Break Destinations for 2012

Don’t know where to go on your career break? We asked our event hosts for their top destination picks for 2012 and hopefully they will be added to your list.


From Sherry Ott of Ottsworld
Jordan should be on your career break travel itinerary not only because of the mind blowing ancient city of Petra, but more so because of the people. Jordan surprised me in many ways, but the most surprising thing was the generosity, kindness, and openness of the people. It was the first country in which I didn’t feel like a walking dollar bill, simply a tourist to sell to. Instead I felt like people really wanted to get to know ME, understand my culture, family, background, and thoughts on the world. It was an exchange in the true sense; normally all over a glass of tea.

The people are enough reason to go to Jordan, but if you need more, then consider the sites of Petra, the ancient ruins in the city of Amman, floating in the Dead Sea, and hiking in some of the most stunning landscape you’ll see in the world. The food is also a perk of travel in Jordan; falafel, hummus, flat bread, fresh vegetables, delicious coffee and tea cooked in ways you’ve never experienced will make your taste buds sore! Cost to travel there are relatively low and it’s simple to travel independently as the country is small, but has good infrastructure.

Put this gem of the Middle East on your career break list as it’s a chance to really see the Middle East that we hear so much about. It will provide you a chance to form your own opinions on the Middle East instead of the one we are fed on the news.

Resources to help you plan your travel to Jordan:
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From Jane Stanfield of Where Is She Heading
For a World Heritage Site, don’t miss Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Not simply one temple, the Angkor complex covers 100’s of miles and various complexes of temples, each unique and special. While the main temple is immortalized on the Cambodian flag, my personal favorite is the Bayon in the Angkor Thom complex.

The massive stone faces are amazing and mysterious with their serene gaze. I only had a few hours, but the next time I go, I will spend an entire day at the Bayon and watch the light change on the faces. In my book, Angkor Wat is not to be missed if you are anywhere close to Cambodia.

Resources to help plan your travel to Cambodia:
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New Zealand

From Rainer Jenss
Seeing New Zealand by campervan is widely considered one of the best ways to explore the country. Its popularity stems largely from the fact that there’s just so darn much beautiful nature to see here, and unlike in the United States, it’s all compressed into a relatively small amount of real estate. Also unlike in the U.S. you can pull over almost anywhere you want to overnight and we did plenty of that.

Almost one-third of the country is designated as national parkland, and on the South Island, you can see turquoise blue ocean, temperate rain forest, rolling farmland, and snow-covered mountains all within a couple hours drive. The infrastructure is also quite hospitable and easily handles all the tourists who choose this option, making it very manageable and convenient for first time renters like us.

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From Jeff Jung of Career Break Secrets
I would highly recommend heading off to Patagonia and bouncing between the Argentinean and Chilean side. There are few places around the world that are this untouched and pristine. It can take a while to get there and to get around it, so a career break is the perfect time to experience it. Glaciers, wildlife, snow, sun, hiking, boating and the ability to drink glacier-fresh water right out of the river are just a few of the adventures that await you. I’ve been twice and I would go again in a heartbeat.

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New Orleans

From Kirk Horsted of BreakAway
One getaway suggestion for 2012? How about New Orleans? I recently returned from a week there—my maiden voyage—and can’t say enough about why the Big Easy indeed makes a Big, Easy BreakAway. So I’ll limit my rave-omendation to 11 reasons why NOLA should be on erveryone’s travel-bucket list.

• You can get there from here. Oh sure, we travel snobs sometimes sniff at the notion of staying stateside. But the USA bursts with magical places—like NOLA.
• You feel far, far away—even though you’re in the heart of America.
• This joint is hopping, yet laid back too.
• More music than you can shake a bootie at.
• Diversity, diversity, diversity, and just about everybody gets along.
• There’s no bad food in N’Awlins.
• Their bounce back-from all the disasters inspires even the most dire of doubters.
• The locals display the perfect blend of pride and hospitality.
• Music is so omnipresent and competent that outstanding players must compete to play for tips on street corners.
• “The city that never sleeps?” Sorry, Big Apple. The Big Easy makes you look tired!
• There’s no place like NOLA; you won’t know what country you’re in!

What destinations are on your list?

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