Cutting Through Insurance Red Tape

Many of you planning a career break may not realize the importance of insurance, specifically maintaining some sort of continuous domestic coverage during your travels.

And American career breakers have unique insurance concerns because unlike long-term travelers from countries like Australia, Canada and England, we don’t have national healthcare to rely on. Having the right policy and understanding the benefits and limitations of your coverage is an essential step in setting your mind at ease so that you can truly enjoy your break.

So how does one navigate the labyrinth of red tape and fine print that surrounds travel & medical insurance? Currently, no one in the travel insurance industry is focusing on the unique concerns of the American career breaker – until now.

We are very excited to be partnering with to do so. We now have an exclusive “Career Break Insurance Line” where you can speak directly with an’s Customer Care licensed insurance expert. Everyone’s situation is extremely unique depending on your age, length of travel, and even what state you call home and the team at Insure My Trip is familiar with the needs of our audience and can help address them.

Offering all kinds of coverage from cancellation, to evacuation to major medical, travel insurance is a powerful tool to have, and has also provided this helpful insurance overview so you can become an educated consumer, choosing the right coverage for your special career break needs.

We are very proud to be delivering this important resource to you. And we have had the pleasure of meeting with the entire customer care team and can ensure you that they are dedicated to bringing you the best care and service – so you don’t get lost in the labyrinth of red tape.

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