Getting Creative on Your Career Break

In the 1940’s a young man went on the road trip of his life through America and Mexico. As he was traveling, he kept a journal of his experiences, and later turned it into one of the greatest books of our times.

Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is the quintessential example of art inspired by travel. Whether you are a master sculptor or make the occasional doodle, there is nothing like hitting the road to get the creative juices flowing. Getting outside your daily bubble and being surrounded by the romance of adventure is bound to bring out the Picasso in anyone.

For some of us, it is second nature to sit down and crank out a poem about a beautiful mountain range, but for others, it may take some coaxing to get the right brain in motion. Here are some tips to get the pen to paper, the eye behind the lens, and the fingers strumming the guitar.

Seek out your passions and get involved: What is your favorite hobby (besides travel of course)? Find that in the places you are passing through. If you love dance, find the local salsa club. If you love food, find a cooking class. It is a great way to experience the local culture within a context you already understand. It may inspire you to try making that new dish or show your friends the local dance move you learned when you get home.

Venture out on your own: If you are traveling in a group or with a travel partner, take some time to yourself. Wander through the local market and take photos, sit on the beach and sketch, or hum that song out loud that has been churning in your head. Travel is an emotional and personal experience, so take the time to hang out with you and channel the creative side lying within.

Do something that terrifies you: Unfortunately, everyday life can numb our brains; time to wake them up! Are you afraid of spiders? Eat one. Do heights make you weak in the knees? Take a hot air balloon ride. By getting the adrenaline going you will tap into your sleepy brain and get it thinking in a different way. It may even inspire that short story or painting about the time you faced your fears-and won.

No matter how you choose to express yourself creatively, it is guaranteed to enhance your travel experience ten fold. You will unknowingly be documenting your trip and participating in things you may have passed by.

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