Declare Your Independence

In honor of the 4th of July, we invite you to declare your independence from the cubicle. And we are helping you by bringing Meet, Plan, Go! to a city close to you!

We are coming this October 16th – bringing all of our best advice, how-to’s, resources, and inspiration which will ensure you finally take that career break you’ve been dreaming of. Our veteran career break travel hosts are busy getting the best speakers and travel authorities in their area to provide everything you need to get you out of the cube and on the road.

Just see what some of our attendees from last year had to say:

“Going to the 2011 Meet, Plan, Go! event was more than I expected. To be around so many people who want to travel and to talk to and listen to people who have indeed traveled in bigger ways than I had considered was mind-opening and thrilling.”

“For the person thinking about long-term travel, there is no better event. And the people we met were fantastic.”

“It took a ‘dreaming’ project so many have in the back of their minds, and breaks it down tino pieces to become a ‘going to happen’ project!”

“For anyone who expresses interest in a career break, or long-term travel, this is a’10’, and I might even say it should be required.”

“I was able to network with numerous different people in the travel industry at the Meet, Plan, Go! event, from bloggers, to travelers, to tour guides. It was informative and very inspirational.”

We are happy to say that we have many attendees from last year’s event who are now out on the road experiencing their own career breaks. And we can’t wait to inspire more career break travelers at this year’s event on October 16, 2012!

So where can you attend a Meet, Plan, Go! event this year?

Austin | Boston | Chicago | Minneapolis | New York City | San Diego | San Francisco | Seattle | South Florida | Toronto

How and when can you learn more?

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the first updates on hosts, speakers, webinars, topics and most importantly…tickets!

What do you want to learn? We are laying out the topics now for the event but we’d love to hear from you and what YOU want to hear. Hop on over to our Facebook page and let us know what you want to t to learn most about career breaks so we can include your requests as we plan the agenda. Click on our Notes or simply use this link to enter your ideas.

(Not in a Meet, Plan, Go! location? You can also find expert advice, tips, and resources in our online course & community.)

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