Traveling Last Minute Like a Pro: Tips for Booking the Perfect Trip

Sometimes you need a break from your career break!  All-inclusive vacation packages can be the perfect way to relax and take a break from indie travel planning when you are on your career break. Because they include many disparate aspects of vacation planning into one convenient package, they reduce the headaches caused by mulling over the logistics of booking rooms or flights. In addition to this time-saving and hassle-free feature, all-inclusive resorts can sometimes offer fantastic deals to last minute travelers. With occupancy at an unexpected low, resorts are all too happy to make a deal, leaving the impromptu traveler with a great break at an even better price. It used to be something of an art to find these elusive deals, but resources easily found on the Internet make spotting fantastic discounts a far easier task than it was in the past. Here are a few trade secrets for finding the perfect last minute all inclusive vacations.

Off-season travel is one of the best ways to capitalize on last-minute deals. Resorts can be bursting at the seams during the height of vacation season, but then experience a dramatic drop off once the season comes to a close. As traveling families head back to school and employees head back to work, resorts experience dwindling numbers of vacationers. Because they want to avoid the loss of revenue empty rooms represent, resorts are amenable to making a deal or adding exclusive extras to a package price.

Flexibility is the single most important quality to have when securing travel plans at the last minute. Picking a region to visit and a window of time to travel is a great place to start. Leaving the exact destination and time flexible can help to secure particularly good deals. Travelers who don’t mind early flights or have their heart set on a particular place put themselves in the perfect position to take advantage of surprise offers. Willingness to travel during the week, rather than at the weekend, will also open up a whole range of options for travelers.

Use the power of the Internet. Often resorts will alert members of their email newsletters about upcoming specials or exciting last minute discounts. There are also websites dedicated to finding great deals on all-inclusive packages that will often list the latest discounts or compare similar offers.

Last minute flights can often be far more expensive than flights booked with a delayed departure date. When booking all-inclusive trips, take note of whether a flight is included in the deal. If a traveler receives a great discount when booking a last minute package at a resort, but then pays extra for the flight to get there, it will defeat the purpose.

Resorts will often add incentives and coupons into the bargain, which can then be exchanged for tours, snorkeling expeditions, equipment rental or room upgrades. Travelers should not be afraid to ask about special deals or extras.

Make sure to look before leaping. Booking travel at the last minute can include a measure of risk and uncertainty. Seeing what equates to the perfect deal, however, is no reason to throw caution to the wind and purchase before properly understanding everything the trip entails. Some resorts cater to specific demographic groups, such as families or singles. Booking a venue that doesn’t match individual needs is an easy mistake to avoid by taking a few moments to carefully read the details.

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