2014 Career Break Event News

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Why not use the Meet Plan Go event as an excuse for a NYC weekend getaway! If you are considering traveling in from out of town for the event, then we have a discount for you! Hosteling International NY is offering a 15% discount on stays from the 18th thru 20th. HI has a really unique space in NYC that is a must see. It was created inside an old public school building and even has something that you rarely see in NYC – a big backyard green space to hang out and enjoy the fall weather! Hosteling International has hostel rooms as well as private rooms to choose from. They also have an abundance of resources for NYC day tours and activities.

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Hosteling International NYC – the home of our career break event

What to Expect from the Day:

We aren’t about pomp and circumstance – we want this to be a casual, comfortable environment for you to interact and learn.  We will begin at 11AM and kick things off with some panel discussions on how people achieved their breaks and then go into specific planning and on the road topics.  In addition we’ll be covering modes of travel (solo, family, couple).  You won’t leave with unanswered questions!  Talks will wrap up around 5:30pm and then you are welcome to stay for socializing and drinks.

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Lunch/drink is provided.

Get your questions answered in person!


In addition to our keynote speaker and author, Rolf Potts, we’ve put together a group of career break veterans who have expertise in all sorts of travel.

  • Lisa Lubin traveled solo on her career break and is always advocating how to find local experiences when you travel. She’ll share her knowledge on local, slow travel that takes you deeper into a destination.
  • Katie Aune also traveled solo and focused on a specific region for her career break travels. She has experience with how to find volunteering experiences, study languages, and tips on how to market your career break when you return and start job-hunting again.
  • Rainer Jenss is our family travel expert having traveled for 13 months with his family (boys 8 & 11). He will provide tips on how to travel with kids and as well as a significant other!
  • Jane Stanfield focused her break on volunteering around the world. She will help you sort out the confusing process of how to find a volunteer program that is right for you or simply put together an itinerary with purpose.
  • Tamara Lee just got off the plane and back into NYC after her 8 month career break. She’ll have recent tips about what it’s like to save and plan for taking the trip and how to adjust to life on the road.
  • Sherry Ott has been working on the road now for 7 years and will share tips on how you can craft a location independent lifestyle or slow down and consider expat life, or teach ESL.

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All of our speakers have completed their career breaks and have a wealth of information and advice to share on budgeting, the nitty gritty planning process, and itinerary building as you learn how they did it. Each story is a little different providing you a wealth of information and advice that you can take home with you to begin planning or put the finishing touches on your itinerary. The speakers as well as other career break veterans will be available throughout the day to get to know personally and ask questions of.

We Guarantee It!

This day of learning and inspiration is for those who are serious about exploring taking a break. We want the people who attend the event to GO! We believe so strongly in the value of long-term travel and Career Breaks in people’s lives. If you book, come to the event, and if you don’t not feel that it was worth it after the event is over, we will refund 100% of your ticket fee (Including the part that Eventbrite takes!)

Are you considering attending the event? What would you most like to hear about? Please share in the comments.

Join us on September 20th in NYC!


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