Try Twisted Resolutions for 2015: Big Boom Road Show

Yes, it’s that time of year. The holidays get us all plumped up with feasts and fetes. Then we stumble into a new year. For most—and especially the traditional Boomer—that’s a time of resolution, reflection, and reduction (of pounds and debt dollars).

This year, why not resolve to get one step closer to a big, fat, career break?

While we’re at it, let’s be more specific—and twisted. That is, let’s twist the usual New Year’s Resolution advice to make it more fitting, fun, and hopeful.

Not a Boomer? So what. If your life feels boxed-in or you want to live outside the cube, take note. And take heart.

Save less

Sure, everyone’s always preaching about saving for an education, house, rainy day, or retirement. But retirement is such distant ship-smoke on the horizon, right?

Presently, 35% of people over 65 work. And both those numbers will keep growing as the cost of living ratchets up.

What to do? Retire now and then. The best reward for saving money for your senior years: Instant grat. So you hereby have permission to sneak some straw from your nest egg—when you have one—to practice retiring. Go away, far away, for a week or 13 or so. Then come back and work (and invest) some more.

Repeat every 5-7 years.

Spend more

Time is money, right? Well, yes and no. We sell our time (and sometimes soul) to the boss who pays us with money, true. But if we could value time, we’d dub it priceless. So how about spending less hours on work (and related shtuff), and more time on what makes you tick—like yoga, cooking, hiking, and (naturally) planning your vacations and sabbatical.

Lose the wait

Are you putting something off? Does your travel or simple getaway goals keep getting put off? Resolve here and now to pop that procrastination bubble and do something—anything!—that brings you closer to your desire to experience the world and its cultures, cuisines, and quirks.

Visit oddball museums. Dine in a different ethnicity eatery once a month. Sneak in over-nighters to funky small towns and stately state parks. Use long weekends and vacation time to get outta town and escape your routine. Whatever you do, find ways to bring the BreakAway lifestyle to you—until your lifestyle morphs into making a break for The Big One.

Happy New Year!

2015 is right around the corner. May it be a year of turning the corner on making your dream a reality. And meantime, may the holiday spirit (the kind and generous one—not the greedy and grinchy one) be with you!

Kirk Horsted blogs at and offers speeches and seminars too. Since 1990, he’s taken five sabbaticals ranging from 35 to 355 days, from Grandma’s farm (SD) to Waiheke (NZ). He’s embarked alone, with partner, and with his perfect children. When he must, he works as a writer, creative consultant, and college teacher.

Photo credits: mongione, dmitry_islentev

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