What is Briefcase to Backpack?

[singlepic=1216,350,,,right]You love the idea of a career break, but you don’t know where to start? No worries, the community here at Briefcase to Backpack will provide you with information and resources for every step in your exciting journey.

Contemplating – Considering a career break can be overwhelming as fears and questions flood your head. You need some inspiration – well, we have it! We discuss the circumstances that brought you to this point and examine ways that you can take advantage of channeling them into a career break. You can also find out the many benefits of taking a career break and be inspired by hearing others’ stories of self-discovery, inner-growth, and re-examining goals.

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Preparation – We know that realizing a career break takes a lot of planning. We provide the tools and resources to assist you in making your career break decisions – from Where to Go, to Letting Go, to actually Going! The Briefcase to Backpack community covers destination ideas, how to leave your job and commitments behind and putting your ‘regular life’ on hold. During your preparation we help educate you on travel safety, packing tips, language barriers, booking flights, choosing insurance, as well as helping you through the struggles and anxieties of taking the ‘big leap’.

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On-The-Road – We won’t leave you stranded when you are on the road. You have a community of like-minded people to ease you through culture shock, how to stay in touch, and the realities of life on the road. Plus, you can share your stories and adventures with others providing inspiration for more Briefcase to Backpackers.

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Re-entry – You’ve had an inspirational, exciting adventure, but now that you’re back, what do you do next? No matter how long your break was, you still may want to utilize the Briefcase to Backpack community as you experience reverse culture shock, decide your next steps, and reflect upon your career break.

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