We are always flattered when people assume there is a team of people behind Briefcase to Backpack. But the truth is, it’s just Michaela and Sherry! We’re the webmaster, designer, writers, editors, photographers, marketers, social networkers, and more. So by emailing us at – we will see it! It won’t get lost in the shuffle.

You can also find us on:

And here is our individual contact information:

[singlepic=1516,110,,,left]MICHAELA POTTER
Like the look of the site? Michaela is the designer and webmaster, as well as content director. If you require design services, photography, or artwork, contact Michaela.

Website: Wanderlust Productions
Twitter: WanderlustProd
Linkedin: Michaela Potter

[singlepic=53,110,,,left]SHERRY OTT
In addition to her witty writing and insight as an extended traveler, corporate runaway, and expat, many of the beautiful photos featured on the site are Sherry’s. Contact her if you are in need of a freelance writer or photographer. You can also purchase her photos.

Website: OttsWorld
Twitter: OttsWorld
Photography: Global Photography

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