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Facebook Life Events and Career Breaks
Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Our goal at Meet, Plan, Go! is to have a career break on every resume.

Yes – you heard that right – every resume. We know it’s ambitious, but you need ambitious goals in life. In addition, life is about adapting to change; and real change doesn’t come in small packages.

Just ask Facebook – they recently made a big change and introduced the term “timeline” into our daily vocabulary. Regardless of if you love the new Facebook timeline or hate it, it’s here to stay. Now you are able to go back and create a timeline of your life, adding “life events”. They even have some pre-populated life events such as Engagement, Marriage, Breakup, Moved, Bought a Home, Broken Bone, Weight Loss, Tattoo, Piercing, Changed Beliefs, New Job, and Retirement. But sadly – there was no pre-populated life event of Career Break.

However – that doesn’t stop you from adding it!

Maybe we will know that we accomplished our ambitious goal when Facebook has Career Break as a ‘Life Event’, but until then, we’ll keep working on it – but we need your help. Maybe if enough of us add career break as a life event on our new Facebook timeline, Mark Zuckerberg will notice! After all – I’m pretty sure that Mark will be taking a big career break after this Facebook IPO – I’m sure he’d want to record his career break like that…right?

Have you taken a career break, or are you on a career break now?

Then please mark it on your timeline! Simple go to your Timeline and click on the “Life Event” button on your status box. Choose “Work and Education” and then choose “Other Life Event”. Add a picture and a description and save it.

Once you add it to Facebook, head over to our Meet, Plan, Go! facebook page and let us know about it. Leave a message on our wall saying that you added your career break as a life event and we’ll give you fistfuls of ‘likes’!

We are asking you to help us reach our “career break on every resume” goal by starting with getting it on Facebook. But don’t stop there – put it on LinkedIn and, of course, your resume! Finally, register your break (past, present, or future) with us.

Meet, Plan, Go! is working on ambitious changes in how we view our lives – our timelines – and you can be a part of that ambitious change!

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