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Going Local on Your Trip
Thursday, March 21st, 2013

One of the best parts of taking a career break trip is getting the opportunity to go local in a destination. When we’re grinding away at the 9-5’s and take our one or two weeks of vacation each year, it’s extremely difficult to really dig into a culture – for several reasons.

1. Time: Learning about a new culture and its people takes time. And traveling in a destination for a week or two rarely affords us the time to really get to know a place.

2. Priority: Often digging into a culture isn’t on the top of our priority list when taking a vacation. We are tired and just want to relax during the little time off we get – which is perfectly reasonable.

But taking extended time off for a career break will afford you that opportunity.

BootsnAll hosts a chat every Wednesday afternoon (3:30 EST) on Twitter entitled #RTWchat, and this past week’s chat was all about going local. They also do a corresponding video chat with a few guests, and they invited one of Meet, Plan, Go!’s co-founder, Sherry Ott, along with LL World Tour’s Lisa Lubin, to give their expertise on what it means to Go Local. Check out the video and the following resources to see how you can best connect with locals during your career break trip!

Read the following articles to learn more about going local on your trip:

Find Yours Through Travel
Friday, July 13th, 2012

Travel is like a treasure hunt – you never know what you will find when you escape the cube, hop on the plane, and go to distant places.

Some people find…

their happiness
their creativity
their calling
their voice
their tolerance
their strength
their humor
their quiet
their love
their limits
their views

Expedia recently launched a new campaign that speaks to this idea of hunting for the treasure and the concept of Find Yours. We love the focus on experiences and journey rather than hotels and burdening business travel. What do you think?

The new campaign even highlights our past Meet Plan Go Toronto panelists Dave and Deb from ThePlanetD! Check out their inspirational video about how travel has helped them find their harmony.

To kick off this new experience focused travel for Expedia, they are holding a photo contest asking you to tweet your “Find Your…” moment and picture to win a 4-night stay in in Oranjestad, Aruba. They are also giving away 10 $250 coupons toward a hotel or package on Learn more.

Please share with us in the comments what you have found in your travels or what you hope to find.

Think Less, Go More
Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

What would happen if you thought less?

I am sitting in front of a wall covered in chalk board paint, blowing cherries with my lips trying to relax my face muscles as I am about to do another take for the 1000 time. There is a camera pointed at me, Oliver is behind it shooting in HD, Alex is monitoring the sound, and Raven is standing by with chalk to draw and re-draw a map of Europe / Asia on the chalkboard behind me.

There seems to be a small army of freshly minted graduates from NYU and Columbia University in the room, coming in and out, filling various crew positions on this tiny impromptu set and I am having trouble keeping all the names straight. There are shoes everywhere. Winter scarves and heavy wooly sweaters hang about the banister despite that we are well on into summer. The fridge is full of condiments and containers of mystery. How did I end up in this apartment in Bushwick?

I met Oliver on a job over Memorial Day weekend. I was the still photographer and he was the videographer. Brooklyn Brothers, a creative agency in NYC who have generously agreed to do a pro-bono round of work for me and SM Stowaway, had just told me that they think we need to make a new video; a video that introduces The Mongol Rally, the charity, and us. I asked Oliver if he would be willing to help me shoot the raw footage.

In a matter of 3 days, we went from Oliver acting as the cameraman to him being the director / producer on a fully conceived video for me. Another 4 days later, I am sitting in Brooklyn Brother’s office with Oliver and Alex watching a well-animated, well-produced, super fun video.

I felt an incredible sense of possibility and excitement sitting in Oliver’s apartment that afternoon as we waited to reload for another take. There is something so indescribably sexy about “GO.” Let’s go, let’s do, let’s just make it happen!

Age, experience and success are great. Except they extend the time between initial conception and go. Experience and success makes us hesitate a little bit longer before we pull the trigger. We stop and wonder about changing into our swim suits before we grab for the rope swing and jump into the lake. The unflinching gusto youth throw themselves into an endeavor is absurdly inspiring.

The thought of traveling the world sounds exciting to you but daunting at the same time? How about a career break? Or maybe even the Mongol Rally? You can do it! It is more than possible.

May I suggest that we think less, have fewer meetings, and more go! Let’s just do. Let’s just figure it out as we go along.

3 women, 1 tiny car, 10,000 miles of epic adventure — The Mongol Rally 2012 – SM Stowaway from Charlie Grosso on Vimeo


‘Travel’ with Charlie and get your own souvenirs from Central Asia!

You can purchase a Mystery Crate and be a supporter of SM Stowaway’s Mongol Rally Adventure! We will be your personal magpie and send you a little bit something from our adventure….you will be supporting The Lotus Children Center and I hope the token will inspire you to travel, to activate “Go” time for you!


Are You Intrepid?
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Recently our friends at Intrepid Travel posed the question “Are You Intrepid?” and encouraged travelers far and wide to share their most intrepid experience. Through videos, photos, and even words, over 800 individuals shared their inspiring tales. And we’re sure that you will find inspiration in this video from the winner – Nicolas Bori.

We are fans of incorporating small group tours, like Intrepid’s, into your career break. Why? Because long-term traveling can be exhausting and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from your break and let someone else do the planning.

From enjoying weird and wonderful modes of transport, to visiting the world’s most eye-popping sights or sharing a smile with a local family over dinner – it’s these transcendent moments when you know you’re really alive that Intrepid prides themselves on. With Intrepid you can experience freedom, flexibility and unsurpassed local knowledge in some of the most magical, far-flung, breathtaking places known to man.

Start exploring Intrepid’s adventures now!

Photo Friday: Time lapse Machu Picchu
Friday, January 20th, 2012

Photographer Peter West Carey recently shared tips on how to best capture Machu Picchu through a lens.

Before you get to Sun Gate there is a spot to stop. Not the first one with the tall rock to the right. Past that. The spot you are looking for is small and has two simple, small terraces on the right side of the trail. THIS is the spot you want.”

It was from this spot where Peter captured images for this time lapse video.

What dream destination have you always wanted to photograph? Already have? Share it with us!

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The Importance of Support
Monday, October 24th, 2011

We’ve said again and again how it’s important to have a support system in place when you are planning any type of life-changing event – especially when pursuing your dream of a career break or extended travel. But don’t just take it from us. Here are some others who have been in your shoes.

And here is some feedback from those who recently attended our events around North America.

Going to the 2011 Meet, Plan, Go! event was more than I expected. To be around so many people who want to travel and to talk to and listen to people who have indeed traveled in bigger ways than I had considered was mind-opening and thrilling.
– NYC Attendee
It’s great inspiration for anyone considering either a long-term travel experience, or even just a change in their lives. The “good vibes” throughout the room would give anyone motivation to make a change.
– San Francisco Attendee
So many people could use the inspiration this event offers for taking the travel plunge.
– DC Attendee
It was really uplifting and inspirational to hear about people’s adventures and lives from all different age groups and stages in life.
– Toronto Attendee
It was inspiring and encouraging to hear the stories and meet other people who have a desire for world travel like I do.
– Los Angeles Attendee
For anyone intending to travel, as well as friends/family of those intending to travel, it’s a welcome support community of like-minded individuals. The process is so overwhelming, it’s nice to feel one’s not alone.
– Denver Attendee
It’s so valuable to hear from other people that have gone on these long trips when you’re contemplating going on one yourself. It validates it, and after attending you really feel like you can make the trip a reality sooner than I thought going into it.
– Chicago Attendee
It is great to hear from and talk with diverse group of individuals who have comepleted a career-break trip. In addition it is nice to connect with people in the area who are interested in pursuing the same thing, who have the same questions and concerns.
– Boston Attendee
For those interested in travel and career breaks, I think it is a great place to meet like-minded people, be exposed to resources, and get inspired with ideas!
– Austin Attendee

Finding Inspiration with Career Break Secrets
Monday, April 4th, 2011

You’ve made the decision to take a career break and want to travel the world – but how do you choose where to go, and more importantly, what to do?

Unless you want to visit US water parks or gorge yourself through your travels, forget about turning to the Travel Channel for inspiration.

Enter Career Break Secrets video guides – an inspiring resource to places and activities you want to know more about for your often-dreamed-about career break, sabbatical, or adult gap year. Jeff Jung was inspired to create Career Break Secrets after leaving his corporate job, packing up, selling off his stuff, and heading out to travel the world.

“On my career break, I learned to speak Spanish fluently, learned how to ski for the first time, woke up to the sunrise and sipped wine while watching the sun set in the Galapagos Islands.”

Episodes cover one of three types of popular career break activities:

  • – Ways to pick up a new skill like learning a foreign language, sailing or cooking
  • – Ways to give back and volunteer whether for social or conservation causes
  • – Cool ways to see the country by bike, boat, foot, train or other things we can find

“I first looked at popular places where career breakers tended to go on their trips, or where they aspired to go. I then factored in my own experience in these countries.

We know that career breakers like to engage in three types of activities to make their time count: volunteering, learning something new and seeing the countries in cool ways. So, once I decided on a country, I then looked for activities that fit those categories. For example, we have a cooking class in Spain and a sailing class in New Zealand. We highlight the Camino de Santiago in Spain and a unique ferry ride in Chile. And, we highlight volunteering programs in South Africa and Patagonia.

Most of these were things that I looked for on my own journey. Or, they were things I saw other career breakers and long-term travelers do. Also, before launching Career Break Secrets, I interviewed 45 career breakers from around the world. These were the 3 common categories that kept coming up in my discussions with them. These were the ways that they made their time count on their career break.”

The first season covers South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Patagonia and Colombia. But no matter where the destination or the activity covered, you will bound to be inspired by the quality of the videos and the opportunities that await you.

You can purchase a season pass and receive all 18 episodes in Season One, or purchase a country pass to receive the 4 episodes that highlight activities in one of the countries featured in Season One.

Photo Friday: The Hostel Life
Friday, February 4th, 2011

This is a special video edition of Photo Friday from Mehdy Ghannad who recently shared with us two perspectives on “What is the American Dream?” – that of his immigrant father and his own, which is The Hostel Life.

Having grown tired of the corporate life, Mehdy ventured out to follow his passion for travel. He backpacked through 35 countries making countless friends along the way. For him, backpacking is more than just traveling – it’s about taking chances.

“The Hostel Life is more than a backpacking adventure. We want to break down cultural stereotypes and show how you can see the world for next to nothing.”

His goal is also to shift pre-conceived notions of what it means to stay in hostels. He does this through discovering new destinations chosen by viewers and sharing them through webisodes. The first series takes viewers to Colombia.

Here is the pilot episode. We look forward to seeing what other destinations Mehdy brings us down the road!

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Photo Friday: New Opportunities
Friday, January 7th, 2011

This special Photo Friday Video Edition features our friends at Career Break Secrets! Just check out the new opportunities that can await you in 2011.

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Photo Friday: A Map for Saturday
Friday, August 27th, 2010

This Photo Friday is a special video edition! Mike Tieso shared with us how “Travel Reawakens Your Passions” and what inspired him to travel was watching the documentary “A Map for Saturday: One Year Around the World”. So we wanted to offer you a glimpse of how moving it is. And we are thrilled to have the star, director and producer of the documentary, Brook Silva-Braga, join us on the panel of Meet, Plan, Go! in NYC this September.

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