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Starting in 2006, I started taking all of my vacation time in a big chunk from Thanksgiving to New Years. That’s not only what worked in my business, but it was also a wonderful way to travel. When I was on the road, it normally took about 10 days to shed the office and then, […]

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Career Breaks: Not a One-Time Thing

This isn’t the first occasion I’ve left the corporate world temporarily behind. Back in 2007 my then-partner and I packed our backpacks – he having negotiated a sabbatical from his job, me having left mine – and trundled off on a seven-month around the world adventure. That break was all about travel and exploring the world. This time it was all about personal growth.

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How to Set a Travel Budget and Stick to it

Earlier this month was my first-ever travel-related speaking gig at the first Meet, Plan, Go! New York City meetup of 2015, and the topic was how to set a travel budget and stick to it when you’re on the road. Here are the questions I was asked, along with my answers – most focus on the lessons I learned while planning my fall 2014 trip to Southeast Asia.

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We Can’t Afford It!

Do you know how much your dream actually costs? Tomer Lanis wants to take a six-month sabbatical and go sailing with his family around the Caribbean. Can he afford it? What he discovers about the financial hurdles is eye-opening…

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How to Go Local in Istanbul

When you go to Istanbul, Turkey you’ll be drawn to the ancient sites and Ottoman history in Sultanhamet – the old part of the city. However, many career breakers are looking for more local connections and experiences the longer they travel. If you are looking for local experiences and a chance to escape the tourist crowds in Istanbul – here’s how!

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When the Light Bulb Went On

Little did I know it then, but a letter to my mother my senior year of college has set me on a path that will inevitably change my life.  It was 1995.  Being a naive college grad, I was eager for what was next in life, yet I was scared to face reality at the […]

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Recharge Your Soul with a Career Break

When I quit my job in 2013, my soul was pretty dried up. I had become a cog in the machine and needed something to remind me my heart was still beating. Travel filled that void in the past when I’d take my two-week vacations, but I was looking for something more. I wanted to… […]

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