Add Antarctica and Patagonia to your Career Break!

Is Antarctica on your dream itinerary?

Many people use their career breaks as a time to get to all of those bucket list items that have been building up. If Antarctica or Patagonia are on your bucket list, but you don’t know how you will get there, then we may have a solution for you!

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Deciphering the RTW Airfare Puzzle


If a career break is something you’re in the midst of planning, then you have no doubt come across the maddening puzzle that is multi-stop, or around the world, airfare. There is plenty of information out there about the costliest part of long-term travel – some of it good, some of it bad, most of [...]

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2014 Career Break Event News

Get your questions answered in person!

This day of learning and inspiration is for those who are serious about exploring taking a break. We want the people who attend the event to GO! We believe so strongly in the value of long-term travel and Career Breaks in people’s lives.

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To Plan Or Not To Plan Your Career Break – 5 Factors


So you’re planning your career break… guidebooks, blog posts, forums and websites. All those years of seeing someone else’s photographs and thinking “I’ll go there one day,” and suddenly you might have the opportunity. So on the itinerary it goes, but if you’re not careful, then you’ve planned every day of your time away from your armchair.

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Quit Your Job With Confidence

Wes Hammer

How can you just quit your job? Kind of a tough question right? I think it is easier than some might believe. Why do we work anyway? Is it to pass the day by and get some income, or is it to challenge ourselves and create ourselves? And if you knew you could leave your job [...]

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Career Break Event News


We are getting all geared up for the upcoming 2014 Career Break Event in NYC. Here’s a few updates on the latest developments! Oh the People You’ll Meet! We are excited to announce that Author and long term travel expert, Rolf Potts, will be joining us for the event keynote! We sort of look at [...]

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