Testimonial: Michaela & Michael

Michael and I traveled for nine weeks as part of our 2007 career break. The following is a video overview of our experience.

[singlepic=258,200,,,right]Text Version: Timing is everything, so when Michael and I both left our jobs at the same time, we decided to capitalized on this opportunity and hit the road. As a seasoned backpacker, I’m used to traveling for extended periods of time. But after 14 years in Corporate America, this was a huge step for Michael. It was now time for him to put down the briefcase and strap on a backpack.

Having established careers for many years, we were not restricted to a tight budget during our nine weeks. We were open to any adventure, regardless of cost. At the same time, we wanted to have some unique cultural experiences to push us out of our comfort zones.


Along the way, we encountered very few Americans. And most people were surprised that as Americans we were traveling so far and for so long. Once we explained we had quit our jobs and made the time to do this, their surprise turned to admiration.

We now invite you to follow along on our journey! Hopefully you will be inspired to make the time to create some adventures for yourself.

To learn more about our 2007 career break, read the entries in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Laos.

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