We’re in the process of writing entries for Kenya. In the meantime, check out Sherry’s posts from Otts World:

[singlepic=1243,175,,,right]Kenya Transportation – bring comfortable shoes and patience!
We’ve made it to Samburu National Park/Safari which is wonderful but half the fun was getting here from Nairobi.  It was a 6 hour drive through Nairobi and the Kenyan countryside.  We were able to see the bustling city of Nairobi on a Monday morning.  There were people everywhere – like an army of ants going after spilled Kool-Aid.  Most people seemed to commute by foot. Read More

[singlepic=1244,150,,,left]Kenyan Food – Bring on the meat!!
The food here is a vegetarian’s nightmare as well as a Atkin’s dieter’s nightmare – luckily – I’m neither of these so I am enjoying this meat heavy, carbo loaded Kenyan diet I am on! The food is hearty with many stew-like dishes with rice – yet the sauces they use have a distinct Indian flair as many Indian spices are used. This equates to yummy food! Read More

[singlepic=1245,200,,,right]Safari – Are we going to move???
We’ve seen some amazing animals here – you can get so close with no boundaries.  When I was young we used to go on field trips to Wild Life Prairie Park outside of Peoria – there you see animals in their ‘natural habitat’.  It offered the animals large areas to roam – larger than your average zoo basically.  It was a kind of Central Illinois Safari I suppose.  However – there were fences.  We loved to go to the place – it seemed dangerous in a way – which made it exciting.  You had to walk a long way to the animals and the animals eventually got smart and they just hid from you. However, here in Samburu National Park – the animals can’t really hide – you go to them. Read More

[singlepic=1246,200,,,left]Kenya Hospitality
Kenya was a real mix of classes – poor and ‘well -off’ – at times it was such a wide gap to take in – that it really kind of made your stomach turn. I can’t simply say that I just experienced this only in Kenya – I experienced it all over Eastern Africa. In the US – many people can go through their whole lives and never get exposed to the very poor/desolate or even the very rich. Heck – I must admit – in the US I went through my whole teenage years and never met a person of Jewish faith. Point being – you can be very sheltered in the US. Read More

We arrived in Lamu yesterday via a small 20 passenger plane and a very good looking your pilot! When we arrived at the small airfield it was lightly sprinkling, but by the time they took our luggage out on a little 2 wheel wooden cart and wheeled it off the runway, it was pouring rain. 
Read More

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  1. African Safari Vacations on Sat, 2nd Jan 2010 1:35 am 

    Kenya is amongst the top African Safari destinations.It offers fun on hand for the tourists along with good hospitality.People are cooperative here and helping.

  2. Cruise on Thu, 1st Apr 2010 4:42 am 

    Every year, more and more people find themselves wanting to visit and take in the wonders that Africa provides.

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