We’re in the process of writing entries for Singapore. In the meantime, check out Sherry’s posts from Otts World:

[singlepic=1291,200,,,right]Family Ties – Singapore
I landed in Singapore ready to see something familiar – my family! I was ready to empty out and fumigate my suitcase, sleep in the same bed for multiple nights in a row and get in the Christmas spirit. However, after a few hours in Singapore getting the tour of my sister’s home, sitting down to a family dinner, helping nieces with their homework – I quickly realized – this is probably the most foreign place I’ve visited so far. Read More

[singlepic=1292,200,,,left]Piercing Palooza: Thaipusam
This week I attended a unique religious festival in Singapore. This festival only occurs a handful of places in the world, and luckily Singapore is one of them! I was so excited to go see this event, as I had seen footage of it on Globetrekker (my favorite tv show and dream job) in the past and have always been fascinated by it. When Cyndi told me that she got us tour tickets to go view it – I was ecstatic! I even treated my camera to a professional cleaning with the Cannon Service Center in Singapore in order to get the best possible shots!
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[singlepic=1293,175,,,right]Auspicious New Year – Oink Oink
aus·pi·cious (ô-spshs) adj.
1. Attended by favorable circumstances; propitious: an auspicious time to ask for a raise in salary.
2. Marked by success; prosperous
3. Term commonly used during Chinese lunar new year.

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[singlepic=1294,200,,,left]Singapore – the Good, the Bad, and the Weird la
I’ve spent approximately 3 months on and off in Singapore – it’s been my home base for SE Asia. I feel like I’ve got to know it fairly well – all of it’s ups and downs…and oddities. I’ve tried to compile a list of some of my observations. Read More

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