Favorite Gear: Eagle Creek Switchback

[singlepic=1438,200,,,right]Suitcase or Backpack…why not both?

One of my favorite and yet to be retired travel items is my suitcase…I mean backpack…I mean suitcase; yes, it’s actually both.

When I started planning my around the world trip I had the typical dilemma of how I should carry my stuff. I knew I wasn’t a hard-core backpacker and I knew I wasn’t a luxury traveler either; my itinerary included both experiences. I was going to be backpacking through Africa, but staying in moderate places in Europe.

I knew that most of the time it would actually be possible to roll my luggage, but there would be some times when it was not an option and I would need to strap my possessions onto my back. I wanted functionality, yet a bit of sophistication. What a dilemma!

[singlepic=1439,175,,,left]After some research online I found the perfect compromise; a soft suitcase that could turn into a backpack. I bought my prized Eagle Creek Switchback and found that it was the perfect solution to my dilemma. In addition, it had a zip off small backpack that I used as my carry-on and during city tours and on day hikes.

The amazing thing is that after traveling solid for 16 months, through 46 airports, and 23 countries, this piece of luggage held up better than any luggage I’ve ever owned in my life. It was in use practically my entire trip, only being fully unpacked twice for my longer-term stays in Italy and India.

I can’t say enough good things about the Eagle Creek brand. I still use it today on every trip and it’s holding up beautifully!

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