Favorite Gear: Silk Sleep Sheets

[singlepic=1465,175,,,right]One thing I don’t leave home without when traveling is a silk sleep sheet (also known as a mummy liner or sleeping bag liner). It’s lightweight and will be your savior when you check into a seedy hostel* in Greece, find yourself sleeping on an overnight train in Vietnam, or staying in a village in the hills of Thailand.

A sleep sheet is a lightweight sleeping bag minus the zipper. It’s made of silk and simply provides a barrier between you and any questionable beds, sheets, or bugs. (The silk versions are more expensive than cotton but much lighter and compact – worth the price difference.)

[singlepic=1464,100,,,left]I used this item everywhere – to ward off my buggy hotel room in China, to keep the sand out of my face while sleeping in the Sahara Desert, to sleep in huts in Nepal where there were no ‘sheets’ but only old dirty blankets.

I actually joke around that it is my little human condom; I never leave home without it! The lightweight silk doesn’t only provide a barrier of protection, but it can also provide another layer of warmth in cold weather situations and it can provide a cool weather breathable option in hot, sticky climates. So – practice safe traveling and put this little item on your ‘must have’ list!

* Not all hostels are seedy anymore. Read how hostels have grown-up!

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