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[singlepic=1570,300,,,right]One of our favorite blogs, Almost Fearless, comes from a fellow career-breaker, Christine Gilbert. The blog follows along on Christine’s journey from corporate manager at a large Fortune 500 Company to full-time freelance travel writer. In addition to her adventures on the road, Christine shares great tips on becoming a digital nomad and a location independent professional.

According to Christine:

I always wanted to travel the world. Who doesn’t? But somehow I ended up trading in my 20’s for a job I didn’t love, money I didn’t need (but happily spent on things I didn’t need), and a burgeoning sleep problem. One night after I ran out of valerian root and melatonin, I stayed up all night looking through job listings in my field. I realized something—I didn’t want to do any of them. None. I could change my job, change my environment, but the work itself had become excruciating.

It was time to take the leap and start over. I would finally pick up that writing career I had been tinkering with for years. I would start living the life I wanted now, instead of waiting for some far off reward. My husband and I would sell everything and move abroad with our two dogs, Molly and Jack.

During her extensive pre-departure research, Christine wasn’t finding a lot of like-minded people with advice to share, so she started “Almost Fearless” to be that support for others.

I never found exactly what I was looking for, but I promised myself I’d document the process for others, as best as I could. In that vein, I’ve tried to be as honest and open as possible – even if that means admitting my own doubts and struggles.

[singlepic=1572,250,,,right]Christine recently presented a great series that we feel every Briefcase to Backpacker will find useful in planning their career break. The 30 Ways in 30 Days to Redesign Your Life and Travel the World series offers practical, real world steps to help you get from wherever you are, to exactly where you want to be – traveling the world and living the lifestyle you want.

Some of these posts include:

Be sure to check out this series as well as her new eBook “Twitter for Travelers: A guide to using Twitter to make travel easier, cheaper, smarter, safer and faster“.

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6 Comments on "Favorite Blog: Almost Fearless"

  1. RickSmithAuthor on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 8:59 am 

    I took a leap myself. In fact, it is the subject of my new bestselling book, The Leap. Although most of the people who I write about didn’t take such a risk, and make such a dramatic and sudden life change.

    There are lots of frustrated people out there now. But you dont have to chuck it all. You can start to move safely toward much greater things. If you only open yourself up to it…

    Rick Smith
    The Leap

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  3. Dave on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 3:46 pm 

    I’ve become a fan of Christine’s work since returning home from my trip. Thanks for featuring her!

  4. Jorrit on Tue, 10th Nov 2009 10:53 am 

    Inspiring. I also like the “Almost” in “Almost Fearless”. That’s honesty for you. Sometimes it’s hard to jump ship and travel when you read some of the go-getting blogposts out there. I prefer Christine’s honesty!

  5. Craig Zabransky on Sun, 22nd Nov 2009 12:17 pm 

    Although I may not always agree Christine, I do enjoy her blog and must admit that I do enjoy her honesty although it can be harsh at times. Her brand AlmostFearless pertains not to just her life change, but also her opinions. Yes, It takes guts to write what she does -all part of her fearless nature. Kudos to that.

    I am impressed with her following and wish her continued success as she enters a next stage of her nomadic life…

    stay adventurous,

  6. Graham Phoenix on Sun, 27th Dec 2009 3:52 am 

    Thank for alerting me to Christine and her work. I have been an ‘Earth Pilgrim’ for over a year now and find it fantastic to meet up with others of a like mind.

    Jorrit, never mind what the ‘go-getters’ say, just go and do it. We each have our own way of going about it, find your own. Best of luck.


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