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Traveling long-term on a career break with children can seem very daunting, but the Vogel Family (Family on Bikes) and the Hoffmeister Family (4Suitcases) have shown what an incredible experience it can be.

And even short-term travel with children can be overwhelming. But here are a few sites that offer some great insight into making it a fun and rewarding experience.

[singlepic=1728,275,,,right]Debbie Dubrow’s blog, Delicious Baby, offers advice on “Making Travel with Kids Fun”. Her blog details her own experiences traveling in the US and internationally with young children as well as product reviews, city guides and travel tips like “Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane”  and “Breeze Through Airport Security with Kids”.

Perhaps my favorite tips include the ones listed under “Why Travel?”

Everyone knows that travel with children is unpredictable, difficult, and definitely not at the same pace or with the same freedoms that pre-child travel afforded, so why do it at all?

  • Through our children’s eyes, we see the world in a new way.
  • You get to immerse yourself in the local culture. Traveling with children forces you to do as locals do… shop in the grocery stores, bakeries, and pharmacies, not just tourist shops. You get to connect with locals in a way that’s difficult to do as adults traveling alone. People love kids. They’ll go out of their way to connect with you and see you as a family rather than just tourists, and you’ll gain insights into what it’s like to live in a different place.
  • The kids love getting out of their everyday routine, and being in new situations helps everyone to reconnect. Whenever we travel, we find that there’s a special brand of giggly, silly fun that happens after a long day of travel that we just don’t seem to have at home.
  • The kids learn new things. For young kids it isn’t so much that they’ll learn world history as that they are exposed to new experiences, sights, sounds and smells. With a little thought, you can bring those experiences home to make your everyday life a little richer too.
  • For school age kids it’s much more engaging and fun to learn history by doing than by reading.

[singlepic=1729,300,,,right]Michelle Duffy’s blog, WanderMom, offers insight and resources for independent family travel. As she says “The goal of this website is to share my experiences as a traveling parent with you and through that to encourage and inspire you to take your children to interesting places far and wide, inside and outside your home country.”

Other blogs that focus on traveling as a family and with children include:

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3 Comments on "Favorite Blogs: Travels with Children"

  1. soultravelers3 on Sat, 22nd May 2010 5:50 pm 

    I disagree totally with the notion that travel with children is difficult and having done single, couple and group travel, I think family world travel is by far the BEST!

    We have been traveling the world non-stop as a family since 2006 to 4 continents & 32 countries so far, living very luxuriously on 23 dollars a day per person…even in expensive Europe!

    We’re monolinguals raising a very fluent trilingual & tri-literate who speaks some of many other languages.

    Travel is the best possible education and also the greatest way for families to bond, while having a ball!

  2. Nadine Hudson on Thu, 5th Aug 2010 6:33 am 

    I love this site! And the interview about homeschooling and list of useful blogs for travelling parents. It’s very reassuring for us. We have travelled for over two years with our boys mostly by public transport through the Middle East and Asia and have lived in rural China for the last two years. We are planning another long trip through Europe, Africa, the Middle East (?) for next year. We’ve been homeschooling our boys since we arrived in China in 2008 and even though it’s not always easy, it is surely a great experience. On our website we publish a lot of stories about our lives in China, but we also provide pdf downloads for travelling parents (i.E. packing list, FAQ, list per country with activites, travel preparation tips etc.). If you like, check it out on http://www.hudsonfamily.ch/en (or without the “en” for the German version).

  3. Sherry Ott on Fri, 6th Aug 2010 4:57 am 

    Congrats on all of your amazing family travels! Thanks for passing along your website – we’ll surely take a look. Glad you are enjoying Briefcase to Backpack – hopefully it’s inspiring more people to travel with families like you are doing as well as providing career break inspiration!

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