Meet, Plan, Go! Has Arrived

[singlepic=1838,300,,,right]It’s hard to believe that what’s been months in the making is finally here – Meet, Plan, Go!

When we started talking about the concept of Meet, Plan, Go! we had no idea how many people would embrace the concept of career break and extended travel. And we have been pleasantly surprised by the response to this night of events with nearly 1,400 people registered and another 700+ on our wait lists! And of course we couldn’t have done it without our stellar team of hosts.

What we love about our hosts is that they all come from different backgrounds and have very different career break experiences to share. Like our Washington DC host, Sonia Zamborsky, said in Letting Go: Making Other Plans: “There is no ‘right’ way to travel, and there is no ‘right’ way to do a career break. All sorts of people are doing it their way, a million different ways.”

And Jeff Jung, our Austin co-host, really encapsulated our diverse experiences in his post ‘The Many Faces of Long-Term and Career Break Travel’. “What I want to convey is that the long-term traveler is not one type of person but a diverse group of people all passionate about the potential that long-term travel has to enrich one’s life in a way that no other activity can.”

He so smartly broke us down as:

  • The Enablers: Barbara and Elizabeth Pagano (Atlanta) | Tara Russell (San Francisco)
  • The “Back to Work” Breaker: Sonia Zamborsky (Washington DC)
  • The 20-Something Breakers: Lillie Marshall (Boston) | Michael Tieso and Teresa Gotay (Philadelphia)
  • The Soloists: Janice Waugh (Toronto) | Alisha Robertson (Dallas) | Lisa Lubin (Chicago)
  • The Traveling Duos: Betsy & Warren Talbot (Seattle) | Keith & Amy Sutter (Philadelphia)
  • The Family Breakers: Marc & Danielle Hoffmeister (Dallas) | Mike & Catrell Cooney (Orlando)
  • The Ex-Corporatists: Sherry Ott (New York City) | Jeff Jung (Austin)
  • The Multiple Breakers: Kirk Horsted (Minneapolis) | Michaela Potter (New York City)

And if you factor in all of our Panelists and Ambassadors, the experiences multiply tremendously.

If you are unable to make it to a Meet, Plan, Go! event or your city is sold out, you can still follow the conversation on Twitter! For months we have been using the hashtag #MeetPlanGo – but you can follow the specific city of your choice.


Atlanta #MPGATL | Austin #MPGAUS | Boston #MPGBOS | Chicago #MPGCHI
Dallas #MPGDAL | Minneapolis #MPGMPLS | New York City #MPGNYC
Orlando #MPGORL | Philadelphia #MPGPHI | San Francisco #MPGSF |
Seattle #MPGSEA | Washington DC #MPGDC | Toronto #MPGTO

We will be sure to share photos, videos and stories from across North America in the days and weeks following the event.

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4 Comments on "Meet, Plan, Go! Has Arrived"

  1. Andy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences on Mon, 13th Sep 2010 12:00 pm 

    Those numbers are incredible! Congraulations!

  2. Audrey on Mon, 13th Sep 2010 12:46 pm 

    Congratulations! These numbers are awesome and shows that there is demand from people to travel and experience new things in life. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Sonia on Mon, 13th Sep 2010 2:32 pm 

    I like how “back to work” is in quotes… like it’s only a matter of time before I take another career break. (And it is!)

  4. craig zabransky on Tue, 21st Sep 2010 7:12 pm 

    So glad to be part of an event that helped put ‘career break’ into the American lexicon. Fantastic jobs to all.

    stay adventurous, Craig

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