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Meet, Plan, Go! 2011 Kick Ass Host Program – Do you have what it takes?

Kick Ass Hosts

On September 14, 2010, our Inaugural Meet, Plan, Go! event was held in 13 locations throughout North America and over 2,300* people signed-up to learn more about career breaks and extended travel. When we first imagined the event, we had no idea that it would become as big as it was and that so many people were interested in making the steps necessary to break away.

So how did it become so big? Because of our Kick Ass hosts!

Their enthusiasm & excitement to help spread this movement was infectious and the energy & inspiration they gained from each other only helped to grow the event beyond our imaginations. And many of them found that they gained a lot from being a host beyond inspiring others to travel.

“The event created the opportunity to meet amazing people with the same passions and goals as myself,” said Alisha Robertson, co-host for the Dallas event. “I know at anytime I would be able to reach out to any of you for advice, tips, or support, and that is an amazing feeling. Like having a small virtual family, and a bond that connects us all.”

Barbara and Elizabeth Pagano, our Atlanta hosts, felt similar. “We love being integrated into a network of like-minded individuals and this event connected us to other colleagues in the industry.”

For those travelers who have a blog, becoming a host allowed them to become part of a significant community, like Lisa Lubin, our Chicago host. “Personally, I met some great people and am enjoying getting to know my panelists and other hosts better. I like being part of this group, giving me a special place in the vast blogging world.”

And for others, it was a great break from their day-to-day world, where travel is not as much a significant part of their time, like Washington DC host, Sonia Zamborsky. “I got to meet and connect with some interesting travel-related folks I might not otherwise have met. Overall, it was really wonderful to be involved in planning an event that so many people were so excited about. It was a nice contrast to my boring job and has helped give me an extra push to make a change towards doing something more meaningful.”

2010 Hosts

So what are some of the qualities of a Kick Ass host?

• Are you a Kick Ass traveler? A past career breaker, backpacker, flashpacker, or nomadic wanderer?
• Have you done extended travel or completed an around the world trip?
• Do you feel you can serve as a ‘travel expert’ to others and be a Kick Ass example?
• Are you passionate about extended travel and bringing the concept to more North Americans?
• Are you comfortable leading discussions in front of strangers?

If you can relate to any of these qualities, then you may have what it takes to be a Meet, Plan, Go! Kick Ass Host on October 18, 2011. Learn more about the expectations of our host program, as well as the many benefits. And hopefully you can join us in reaching our goal of expanding to 20 cities and helping more people achieve their extended travel resolutions.

We will be accepting applications from January 3, 2011 through February 28, 2011.

* This number includes wait-listers and no-shows.

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