Photo Friday: Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

This Photo Friday from the Amalfi Coast was shared by Sunni Farley on our Facebook Fan Page.

Sunni shares “Two months ago this was my view…hiking the ‘Path of the Gods’ on the Amalfi Coast. It kicked my ass. I actually started in Priano and hiked STRAIGHT UP the mountainside to meet the path up top. It is seriously like being on top of the world! One of the coolest things I’ve EVER done! Can’t recommend it enough!”

Sunni Farley

Now that she’s back at work, she has enlisted some ‘friends’ to help plan her next getaway. “That ice bath on the left is the only thing reminiscent of blue water in my life now. Doomed to a windowless life under fluorescent lights. I’ve got our lab ‘mascots’ in on planning the mutiny.”

Where have you escaped from and where did you go?

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