The Faces of Career Breakers

Career Breakers come in every shape and size. They come from a variety of backgrounds and places. And most importantly, they all come to the decision because of different reasons.

They are solo travelers – they are couple travelers – they even travel with their families. They are 28 – they are 58. They are volunteers – they are adventurers. They were tired of their jobs – they were laid off from their jobs. They faced critical times in their lives, like cancer and divorce – they decided that there was no better time than now.

The faces you see here represent the career breakers you will meet on October 18th. These are our inspiring panelists. They don’t have super powers that afforded them to do this. They are just like you and me. And we think they are pretty remarkable for following their dreams.

Can you picture your face amongst them?

This nationwide event only happens once a year. Don’t delay your dreams any longer. Get your ticket today.

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