The Importance of Support

We’ve said again and again how it’s important to have a support system in place when you are planning any type of life-changing event – especially when pursuing your dream of a career break or extended travel. But don’t just take it from us. Here are some others who have been in your shoes.

And here is some feedback from those who recently attended our events around North America.

Going to the 2011 Meet, Plan, Go! event was more than I expected. To be around so many people who want to travel and to talk to and listen to people who have indeed traveled in bigger ways than I had considered was mind-opening and thrilling.
– NYC Attendee
It’s great inspiration for anyone considering either a long-term travel experience, or even just a change in their lives. The “good vibes” throughout the room would give anyone motivation to make a change.
– San Francisco Attendee
So many people could use the inspiration this event offers for taking the travel plunge.
– DC Attendee
It was really uplifting and inspirational to hear about people’s adventures and lives from all different age groups and stages in life.
– Toronto Attendee
It was inspiring and encouraging to hear the stories and meet other people who have a desire for world travel like I do.
– Los Angeles Attendee
For anyone intending to travel, as well as friends/family of those intending to travel, it’s a welcome support community of like-minded individuals. The process is so overwhelming, it’s nice to feel one’s not alone.
– Denver Attendee
It’s so valuable to hear from other people that have gone on these long trips when you’re contemplating going on one yourself. It validates it, and after attending you really feel like you can make the trip a reality sooner than I thought going into it.
– Chicago Attendee
It is great to hear from and talk with diverse group of individuals who have comepleted a career-break trip. In addition it is nice to connect with people in the area who are interested in pursuing the same thing, who have the same questions and concerns.
– Boston Attendee
For those interested in travel and career breaks, I think it is a great place to meet like-minded people, be exposed to resources, and get inspired with ideas!
– Austin Attendee

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