Photo Friday: East Africa with GO

On Monday we highlighted the incredible efforts of Groundwork Opportunities (GO) – working to create a world beyond poverty by investing in groundbreaking ideas, empowering local leaders, and engaging communities.

And this Photo Friday from East Africa is from photographer Peter Prato, whose experience we highlighted as well.

As Peter said “To explain what it was like to arrive in places that are war torn and filled with joy, it just doesn’t work in formats like this. Imagine the most moving moments of your life. The times when you realized that there was simply no way you could possibly exist, the you who you are, without other people. It was something like that. When I arrived home I had a difficult time understanding what was happening, or how the streets could be so clean, and calm, or how they could even exist at all.

“The best that I can sum up volunteering in the field is that I think of my life now in two pieces. I think of my life before I went into the field with GO, and I think of everything I want it to be after that experience.

How has volunteering abroad changed your view of the world and yourself?

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